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Hannah KidderReading Reflection Questions #1: Chapters 1, 10 and Implicit Bias Survey on Aging(1). Based on your reading of systems theory and the ecological perspective, how would you assess your own social environment? Make use of at least three (3) key concepts described in your reading.The book mentions the word homeostasis.The word homeostasis means a created  balance. In my life,  I have had many events where I would see my family and extended family coming together to celebrate special occasions in one’s life. During these special occasions,  we are creating positive or negative transactions. Within my family,  we had created boundaries between my parents and my brother.  My parents were in charge of major decisions that could impact our family. One of the major decisions between my parents, was to decide to get divorced.  My brother and I coped differently during this process.   In college, I enjoy receiving feedback. It allows me to understand information that I need to focus on to help me succeed. Also, receiving feedback allows me to continue to think of new possibilities regarding my work.  Feedback gives me a sort of energy to put into my work.  (2). Describe two things you learned in your reading of the biological aspects of middle adulthood that were of interest to you and why they were of interest to you.I would like to learn how people charge during this stage of their life. They have to get adjust to the life of possibly having children and being married. They are readjusting to their new life with significant others.  Additionally, as people age there can be increase of health problems that can occur.  This can take a toll of people and their families.  This can especially impact people with their health insurance. It would be interesting to learn how to help people with these common problems, and what I can do to help them through this process.   3). What was the result of your taking the Harvard Implicit Association Test for Age (any preferences associated with your answers)? What do you make of your results? Use your critical thinking skills and well as your reading of the social environment to frame your answer.The result expressed, “Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Young people over Old people.”This is really surprising to me.  Growing up, I was also volutering and visiting my grandfather and uncle in nursing homes and hospitals.  Although, my social environment now is living on a college campus.  This campus does not typically have a large range of ages within the students population.   


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