Gun Debate Essay

Gun Control Law After multiple of gun shootings at movie theaters, schools, and in neighborhoods the government took it in their hands to create a law about guns. Many people agree to not being allowed to own guns at all but some people are upset at the law because they would like to own guns for their protection. After the Connecticut school massacre, a very intense debate on the gun law was talked about on how to keep guns away from criminals without taking the guns away from lawful gun owners to protect their selves and families.

Many people been fighting for twitter gun laws for a while now and their wait is now over. Peter Read daughter was killed in 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech; he has been fighting for a stronger gun measures for a long time. Victims and families of gun related violence voted to pass the gun law. But some of them say getting a background check before you purchase a gun is going too far. “Mark Mantilla, whose 8-year old son was killed, sided with the National Rifle Association in opposing the background check measure”. (Simon).

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Having his son killed you would think that he would do anything to get the gun law to et passed. People would like to see the gun law pass because the feel as if nobody was allowed to have guns then the crime rates may have a decrease. No more shooting at movies or schools. “Gun control should defiantly be stricter, and recent events in Connecticut have proved that. It is possible for anyone to get a gun these days, and that includes assault rifles. No one should have access to weapons that can kill multiple people in a few seconds, unless they are in the military (Coffee)”.

In this news article people agree with trying to get stricter gun laws because now a day nobody can have a gun to kill people. “Criminologists agree that firearm ownership presents a high risk of violence and that gun control laws work (Richard W. Stevens)”. A lot of people do not believe that the gun law will work but criminologists did research and proved those people wrong. “Other countries’ experience shows that more restrictions on firearms ownership decreased homicides and suicides in those countries; the more available firearms are, the higher a country’s incidence of violence (Stevens)”. It is safer to use weapons other than firearms for self-protection room felonious attack”. (Stevens) “Statistics showing a lower injury rate for victims who used weapons other than firearms for defense”. (Stevens) So people who are fighting against gun arms and want guns for protection needs to know that its much safer to have another type of weapon maybe the crime rate will go down. I was sided with the people who were trying to get the gun law to get passed. I personally would like to see all of the illegal guns to get off the streets. It would be a lot of less violence the crime rates will definitely go down.

Having stricter gun laws is upsetting a few people. They argue that one of the amendments states, “The right to bear arms”. I agree with them saying that but a lot is getting out of control with guns. Yes certain people should own guns but now days you don’t know who to trust. Some people argue that the stricter guns laws aren’t going to do any change crimes are still going to be high. “Owning a firearm for personal protection is a good thing” (Bagel). I agree with this author because what if somebody was after you owing your own gun for protection will help you to save your life.

But the bad thing is a lot of people could De saying teeny Just need ten guns Tort protection when teeny really non ‘t. “Constitution guarantees citizens the right to own whatever and whichever and however many guns that they want”(Bagel). The people that don’t want the gun law to pass argues that in the amendments it states that you have the right to own guns so for constitution Just to change it is wrong. The article I read “Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives”, is saying that if congress pass the gun law then it will still not save lives.

I Greer with this statement because they still have illegal guns on the street and they will not give their guns up that easy. “Thousands of citizens have been able to save their own lives with firearms because a gun was available to them”. A lot of citizens that own their own firearms have saved their lives from being attack because they owned a fire arm. In Missouri teachers are allowed and trained to carry guns and most parent’s approve of it. After the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary this school took it in their hands to have their teachers carry guns for protection of the students and teachers. Let’s time for Congress to require a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun”. (President Obama) The people that is voting against the gun law feels that getting a background check is going to far. “The Second Amendment does not guarantee a personal right to own firearms”. (Stevens) A lot of people are stating that the amendment states for them the right to bear arms but technically that is not the case, the government can change any policy. Personally I agree with letting teachers owning their own guns because of the many school shootings that happened.

But letting other citizens have gun is a lot to think about because they could be saying it’s for protection when it’s really not. I agree with all the people that voted for the gun law. I personally do not think that the crime rates will go down or people will still have guns that are not registered. I Just think that the anyone can nave a gun to XIII people. “Criminologists agree Tanat Telegram ownership be saying they Just need the guns for protection when they really don’t. “Constitution against the gun law feels that getting a background check is going to far. ” The Second


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