Griffin Richardson Essay

* The Second Great Awakening gave way to uprising amongst all people, namely women and blacks, for more rights, and sparked the beginning of the feminist and abolitionist reform movements. II. Since the very beginning of slavery in Europe and its colonies, some people had wished to see it abolished. * The Second Great Awakening pushed many people to take a closer look at themselves and their consciences, and, in turn, allowed them to see the true evil of slavery. * Some abolitionist movements had already begun, however it was not until the 1830’s that the first radical abolitionist group called for immediate end to slavery. The Abolitionists spread hate for slavery all throughout the country and demanded freedom for all people

* If not for the growing number of abolitionists there is a great chance that the civil war would never have occurred, leaving slavery to grow rampant throughout the country for many years to come. * The Abolitionist movement eventually led to the freedom on slaves through the civil war. * Although the Abolitionist reform was easily the most prevalent of all the other reforms, it was not the only one involving freedoms.

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III. Since before anyone could even remember, women had always been looked down upon as being lesser than men, the Second Great Awakening changed that. * Although women were not as low as slaves, they could easily be treated just the same. * In 1848 the Seneca Falls Declaration called for more women’s rights. * Women had always been excluded from nearly everything and were seen as only there to have and take care of the children. * Similar to abolitionists, there had always been feminists quietly waiting and watching, but it took the Second Great Awakening and the Abolitionist Movements for them to truly open up to the public. This leads to the first war where women were truly involved, the civil war, although only as nurses. * The Feminist Reform led to a greater feeling of equality among men and women throughout the 1800’s and into the 1900’s but it would take nearly a century for them to gain all the rights they wished for.

IV. The Second Great Awakening, although having a major religion effects, was truly a promoter of freedom and rights, more than anything else. * Up until the Second Great Awakening Women and Blacks had been ignored and treated as nothing compared to white males. Although the majority of participants in the Second Great Awakening were females, many white males took part as well, giving women a foothold to participate in abolitionist movements and, later, begin the feminist reforms. * Although seeming very different, the feminist and abolitionist reforms were extremely similar. * Both had existed for hundreds of years prior, just waiting for a good time. * The Second Great Awakening gave each of the groups the opportunity they needed to convert thousands, if not millions, of others to their cause, and, eventually, lead them to their goals. V. Conclusion


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