Graduate computer science program Essay

I have always believed that my home country has lots of potential in terms of technological and IT development. This is one reason why I would like to get a Master’s Degree in the US. My work experiences, training, and educational background have equipped me with more than enough skills, traits, and determination to pursue my goal of furthering my home country’s technological advancements. I am also a fast learner and a determined individual who is always eager to know more about other culture, as I believe that each country should be proud of its own culture and traditions while embracing diversity.

I. Introduction
A. My country’s potential for technological and IT developments
B. My work experiences, educational background, and training as my source of skills
C. The importance of being proud of your own culture while embracing diversity

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II. My educational background
A. I have an Engineering Degree from ______________
B. I joined training courses for the CISCO program at __________ Computer Center
C. I taught myself about other important programming languages through the Internet

III. My work experiences for the past three years
A. My job opened a lot of opportunities for me
B. I started out as a data entry specialist, but was then promoted to a programmer working on programming languages and databases (SQL server 2005 and Visual Studio 6)
C. My job allowed me to attend official courses for Microsoft abroad for one whole month
D. My job training involved writing Triggers, Functions, and Stored Procedures

IV. Other skills
A. I’m very hardworking and I learn very fast
B. I can adapt very well to different situations and environment
C. I have good communication and networking skills

V. Career goals and plans
A. I’ve always been interested in technology that’s why I took up an Engineering course
B. I plan to join the scholarship program and enrich my skills and knowledge
C. I plan to go back to my home country and share the knowledge and skills I’ve learned from studying abroad


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