Grade Physics Essay

Summary From observing the motions of the cart in this lab, we can see that the most energy were lost from friction and transferred into thermal energy, since the cart must give out energy to resist the forces of friction. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss in energy, friction to the cart must be reduced. Improvements can be made to the cart. The axles for our cart was made of wood, which had lots of friction when used with cardboard; in future, we can cover the surface of the axle with straw to reduce friction, or we can change the material of the axles, such as metal rods, which have less friction.

In addition, according to our VT and ET graph, at the 1. 5 – 2. As shaking because the stand to the cart is not stable, so we can make the stand more supportable by using stronger glue. CD can be used for all wheels since it has lower friction and because our cart is not very heavy, which means CDC is strong enough to support the body of the cart. We can also make the cart go further in the future by changing the sizes of the wheels and thickness of the axles. Conclusion: In conclusion, there were many components of the cart’s motion needed interpretations.

On the v-t graph, some irregular shapes could be easily seen, and it as resulted from the shaking of the can, which caused the unevenly distributed applied force, so the acceleration was not constant. Also, the cart lost energy while running because it needed to use up the potential energy to resist the friction force; when the can landed, there were no more applied force, so no more potential energy was exerted. Overall, the lab was successfully done. Our cart run smoothly and provided understandable motion graphs. – Summation Cart Analysis Report 2012 – 2013 Fred Wang, Glen Wang, Allan Shih SCHUSS -04 Mr.. Harrow Due date: April 15th, 2013

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