GOTE chapter Essay

List your obstacles in the scene. Tell what you do to get past them. 3. (N) The Moment Before: Before you begin a scene, you must know what Just happened. In fact, you need to put that in your mind for at least a few moments before you enter. This will make the scene seem alive. (This is called En Medias Rest- “In the middle of things,” since this scene occurs in the middle of the character’s life, even if it is the first scene of the play) A. Write a 3-4 sentence detailed description of what Just happened to you. B. Have their been major events in the day or year’s past that effect how you play the cane?

List them. 4. (S) Humor: Find the humor in a scene. Humor can mean anything light. It does not have to be funny-ha-ha; it can Just be a lighter mood than the rest of the piece. A. List 3 places where you can lighten the mood of your piece, or chuckle at yourself, or laugh to keep from crying. 5. (S) Opposites: Whatever you feel motivates you in a scene, or that you feel in a scene, the opposite is always partly true as well. You hate strongly because you love/ d strongly, etc. If it is not quite the opposite, it is certainly a “mixed feeling. Play this depth. A.

List the places where you have conflicting emotions. 6. (S) Discoveries: Find the places in the scene where you actively discover truths about yourself, the other characters, and the situation. These are very interesting. LOOK FOR THEM. A. List moments of discovery in your scene. Tell what you discover. 7. (S) Communication: Remember that communication is a cycle. You make a statement, look for the response (the response you desire is a change), and react to the response. Send a clear message and check to see if it is received. A. List 3 places where you must communicate to change your partner. (S) Competition. Friendships and romances always contain competition. Find places where you compete for the upper hand, etc. (Arguments are often about competition) A sense of competition can move a scene forward with an incredible energy. A. List 3 places where competition is clear in your scene. Shirtless, Michael. Audition. New York: Broadway Books, 1988. 9. (S) Importance: (This is the same as WILL) You must know at all times what your will level is. A. Mark a % (1 care very little and 100% means you would die for it) next to your verbal action on your script. 10.

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N & S) Events: A good scene is comprised of numerous events: Moments where some sort of change, confrontation, etc. Occurs. These must be found and played for their maximum, realistic dramatic/comic effect. A. List the major events and tell what they are. 1 1 . (N) Place: You should always spend some time visualizing the place the scene takes place. What could be there that would help bring out your character, provide an obstacle, etc? Do you have feelings for the place? A. Describe your feelings about the place Role Playing: We often play games or have different persona.


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