Good Will Hunting Sample Essay

Good Will Hunting is a film about a immature adult male named Will Hunting ( Matt Damon ) who grew in South Boston. and is a mathematics mastermind. but prefers to work as a janitor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) . One twenty-four hours he finds himself in problem after assailing his childhood bully and is face with captivity. Gerald Lambeau ( Stellan Skargard ) a MIT professor writes a hard math job for his alumnus pupils to work out. Will solves the job anonymously and the professor finds out. The professor convinces the justice to allow Will be under his attention alternatively of confronting captivity and agrees to acquire him Psychological aid. In an effort to happen out what problems Will. professor Lambeau at MIT finds his old college roomie. who now is psychologist and works at a Community College and he agrees to work with Will and to acquire him ready for a better occupation.

Will Hunting is a troubled immature adult male. who as a kid suffered from physical maltreatment by his surrogate parent and as a consequence. faces fright of forsaking. and force. Will’s violent behaviour is besides a contemplation on his Learning position as a immature kid. Having had a violent Foster parent as a function theoretical account makes it hard for him to be free of force and aggressiveness towards others. On the other manus holding great. Cognitive accomplishments are how Will is able to pull off to acquire by in life. Equally good as work outing complicated mathematical jobs. and his ability to read and retain all the information he reads. In the saloon scene. Will goes out with his friends ( who are his societal influences ) and his friend Chuckie Sullivan ( Ben Affleck ) tries to affect a miss. but alternatively a cat interrupts him and makes him look bad in forepart of her.

Will. so takes the enterprise to support Chuckie and in return makes the other individual expression bad. Subsequently the miss introduces herself as Skylar ( Minnie Driver ) is a British pupil about to graduate from Harvard University and Tells Will that she was waiting for him to travel up to her but alternatively she got tired of waiting and decides to allow him cognize. Skylar and Will go out on a day of the month and he truly enjoys her company. At the same clip. Will is introduce to many psychologists and he sabotages all his Sessionss with them until Professor Lambeau remembers his old college roomie Sean Maguire ( Robin Williams ) . Sean Maguire who besides grew up in South Boston now teaches psychological science at Bunker Hill Community College. Will get down his therapies with Sean. merely like the other Sessionss he had with the old psychologist undermining his Sessionss. nevertheless Sean pushes back and is able to get the better of his defence mechanism. and after a few unproductive Sessionss. Will begins to open up demoing his true emotions.

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After several Sessionss. Will eventually begins to speak and listens to Sean as he is stating him how he gave up watching one of the most historic 1975 World Series game to follow his bosom as he fell in love at first sight with his married woman. Sean tells him how he does non repent his determination because he was able to hold fantastic memories of his married woman and although she died from Cancer he is still would non alter anything he lived with her. This encourages Will. who besides starts a relationship with Skylar. Both Sean and Will get down to hold great unfastened treatments and are able to dispute each other to better their lives as they struggle to travel frontward from the tufa experiences they both have had. Will’s cultural social/cultural factors shortly begin to act upon his feeling and behaviours. but he is non able to pull off the force per unit area due to his experiences. At which clip Will. lies to Skylar about how many household members he has.

He makes alibis about non being able to run into his household. and seeing where he lives because he does non experience that he will hold a permanent relationship with her and decides to force her off so that he does non see the hurting of cognizing if the relationship will work out. As Skylar reveals to Will that she is in love with him. he is non able to react to her feelings because this is a foreign feeling for him. Alternatively. he gets emotional and angry and tells her that he denies loving her and that his Foster father physically abused him and storms out. Will’s biological positions do non let him to get the better of his feelings. and ideas. He merely knows feelings of choler. maltreatment. letdown. nevertheless Sean challenges him to seek out and believe of what he wants to make with his life. Will has so much fright with failure that he tells his friend Chuckie Sullivan ( Ben Affleck ) that he instead works as a labourer for the remainder of his life. This respond truly insults Chuckie. and he makes Will. see that he is blowing his endowment merely because he is scared.

At the concluding therapy session with Sean. they both portion that they were both victims of kid maltreatment. and Sean is able to hold Will accept the fact that the maltreatment was non his mistake. This eventually makes Will. call and he breaks that barrier he had to demo his true emotions and is able to travel frontward. As Will turns 21 his friend Chuck and others give him as a present a Chevrolet Nova. they rebuilt. by this clip Will had eventually accepted a occupation offer arranged by Professor Lambeau. As Will. reflects on his life he decides to go through on his moneymaking occupation offer and alternatively thrust to California to reunite with Skylar. This proves that Will. has eventually broken through that barrier he had of being loved. being entirely. and taking a opportunity on his life. At the same clip. this besides helps Sean to get the better of his fright of life and possibly falling in love once more. as he decides to go the universe. In decision. in analysing this movie every bit good as taking this category I have learned that the experiences we have as kids if positive or negative can decidedly hold an impact in our lives as we grow up.

Like Good Will Hunting many people suffer from maltreatments that mark their lives everlastingly. some are non every bit lucky as Will and ne’er get the better of their frights. Others like Will. after taking therapy can larn to get the better of their frights. but merely if they are able and capable of the challenge. I genuinely believe that Will. got highly lucky in run intoing with Sean because he was the lone one able to hold the forbearance he needed and to see beyond the negative attitude he presented. In the last scene of the movie Will. leaves a note to Sean stating him to explicate to the professor if he calls inquiring why he did non travel to his occupation. but that he had to see about a miss. This shows how he eventually get the better of his obstructions. and is able to confront his frights and alternatively faces his challenges of taking over his life without frights of forsaking.


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