Good: Learning and Interpersonal Competencies Case Essay

There is a case that the main character called Sammy, who is studying in college. And I have to study about this case. After studying Sammy’s case, I found that she had several problems that she should deal with. She said that she don’t know what she like and dislike, and she felt that she was not as competent as her friends and classmates. Also she don’t have good communication with her families.

So in this case study project, I want to point out her problems and provide her some solutions to solve her problems which is come from what I have learned in the lesson. Content: First, in the case, I found that Sammy does not like studying but she still went to college without giving it much thought. Also she state that she doesn’t know what she like and dislike that was make she confuse. That’s the first problem. Sammy does not have enough understanding about herself. She should know and value herself.

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In the lecture notes, John and Gosling (2000) stated that an individual’s characteristics, is relatively stable ways of thinking, feeling and behaving across different situations and over time. Also Adams (1987) stated that the greatest joy in life is to know oneself from the inside out. Both conditions can let me know that this is very essential for me to value myself. Also Sammy should do this. The solution for the first problem is that Sammy should understand.


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