Good Boss vs Bad Boss Essay

Efficient Supervisors VS Inefficient Supervisors Are you employed? If you are then you must have a supervisor. Now a day the majority of the employed population has a person looking after them or a supervisor. Unfortunately most of us need a job therefore, we must accept the supervisor even if we think he or she is an inefficient supervisor. Most employees feel that as long as they do their job everything will be okay, but is that true? Do the actions of the supervisor influence the job? Let’s take a look at how an efficient vs. n inefficient supervisor influences the workplace, as well as production. How efficient supervisors influence the workplace An efficient supervisor is easy to work with and tries to create an enjoyable working environment by doing and provided several things to his employees. To start he mentors and inspires his employees by his own actions. The efficient supervisor helps the employee learn and grow so they can be the best, therefore when necessary he goes the extra step by physically getting down on the job; demonstrating to the employees that he knows how to complete the job.

Due to his experience he is able to teach his employees. Another thing that influences the workplace by the efficient supervisor is his involvement on the job, is that he is able to listen and evaluate the employees’ needs and then attempts to meet them. He is a good team member as well as a leader. An efficient supervisor has good communication skills, and morale. When a supervisor has excellent communication skills it means the supervisor is willing to keep in touch with the employees by communicating with the employee regardless of their position, while proving good morale.

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This is commonly known as “Open Door Policy”. When a supervisor shows interest in his employees and co-workers it makes it easier for the employee to approach him and communicate any relevant information pertaining to the job to include personal information. An efficient supervisor will make resources available for the employees and co-workers. He provides the employees what they need to get the job done, even if that means going out of his way. What does it mean going out of his way?

It could mean several things. For example if they need new machinery or office equipment to complete the job more easily then he might need to request for the company or the owner to spend money on what is required. However, most companies hesitate to do such big purchases therefore he might need to collect data, statistics or any other type of information needed to get the approval for the purchase. After all the production of the company falls on the supervisor.

How an inefficient supervisor behavior influences the workplace Having an inefficient supervisor is not easy at all it makes the workplace more stressful than what it should be; especially if the supervisor has an excess sense of self, superiority, and arrogance. When a supervisor puts himself over his employees this creates tension because the employee is unable to communicate with him and if the employee does communicate but then the supervisor belittles the employee this may create an apprehensive work environment.

This only shows that the supervisor does not have positive leadership, is not a team player and misses discipline. An inefficient supervisor tends to blame others for all the negative issues that may occur or take all the credit when things work out great. This is unfair to the employees since they are the ones that do all the work. Employees should be reprimanded when needed, but they also need to be rewarded. Inefficient supervisors hardly use the words please and thank you. Not knowing how this simple words may do magic. Everybody has a supervisor; however, not every supervisor is competent to be a supervisor.


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