Globalization and theories Essay

Globalization and theories

Globalization can be defined as a complex web of interconnectedness which means that our lives are shaped by events and decisions that a taken at a great distance from us.globalisation is an increasing link of states politically, culturally and economically. This essay would discuss these links and also how the realists, liberals and Marxists view globalization. From a political view it has affected the decisions that are carried out in our states. Countries are now interdependent on one another meaning that problems in one state are solved by libya 2012 th protest against leader and they tried to overthrow their govt and other countries like u.s.a came to aid. Economically globalization has created a link between states. This simply means that goods, services and technologies are easily transferred from one state to the other. In relation to cultural influence it has allowed western cultures to have an influence on nonwestern cultures. For instance the introduction of western education in Africa. The realists doubt the general view of globalization and view it as increasing economic independence. Primarily they believe that the state still remains a dominant actor in world politics rather than it being threatened by globalization. The realists have the belief that the states capacity for globalization has been increased.Globalisation has been created for the states by the states particularly it has been made for dominant states such as u.s.a.they believe that statism remains a constant feature in world politics and has refused to go away. Moreover the realists say that globalization has not created a shift in world peace and cooperation unlike the liberals the realists say that globalization has made the poor poorer and the rich richer.

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The liberals say that the state is still important but has been replaced by international organizations such as the u.n and so on. The liberals have a more positive behavior towards globalization. With globalization they say there are more social and political benefits this is because of the easier transfer of ideas and information there are now more opportunities for personal development and also allows a more dynamic society. They have the strong belief that globalization has created winners and winners because the economy is seen as more the liberals the realists have made simpler the effects of globalization and in reality it is just a complex web of interconnectedness.e.g some manufacturers move their factories to other countires where the price of labour is cheaper e.g apple,h.p and china.

Unlike the liberals and the realists who seek to identify the problem and then solve it, the Marxists seek to find out why the problem actually exists. The Marxists have the belief that globalization is an evolving capitalist market .they view the effect of globalization as an uneven hierarchical process that is characterized both by the rich and the poor. Globalisation in their view has created an uneven balance between the core and the peripheral area of the global economy. (in conclusion I believe that the theory that best explains globalisation is that of the realists because the state still remain sovereign despite globalisation and is still the sole author of its laws.)


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