Georgia department’s office. The social media tools

Georgia Southern University’s alumni campus return rate is low in
numbers. The team has configured outcome objectives that would bring at least 375
alumni back to campus through interactive events with current students. The two
tactics are a fundraiser gala and workshops held by alumni for current
students. There will be various forms of communication used in order to attract
alumni to campus. Though the College of Arts and Humanities department is
struggling to reconnect with alumni, the team has developed two tactics to
attract alumni back to campus.

The means of communication the team will use to connect with
alumni are emails, telephone calls, and two social media platforms. The team
will collect email addresses and telephone numbers from the department’s
office. The social media tools used will include Facebook and Twitter. The team
selected the two social media platforms because 79 percent of college graduates
use Facebook and Twitter is used more by those with a college degree. (Greenwood,
Perrin, & Duggan, 2016).

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The team’s communication outcome is to reach alumni on a larger,
more social level. There will be sign-up sheets attached to emails and social
media posts in order to keep a number of how many alumni are interested in each
event. Through Twitter, the team is able to view the number of interactions the
tweet had.  The team can track the number
of comments, shares, and like each post receives and will be able to view how
long an interested alumni was on the site. Once the events surface, alumni will
check-in on a sign-in sheet provided by the department. After each event
concludes, the team will email alumni to receive a review of   

The fundraiser gala will be the team’s first tactic used in order
to attract alumni back to campus. This event will be held by the department of
College of Arts and Humanities and will give alumni the opportunity to donate funds
to help improve the department and interact with their former colleagues. The
department and team will gather students within the department to volunteer at
the gala so the event will operate smoothly. The gala will be held in the
Russell Union ballroom and will be free of cost to alumni. Although the gala is
free to alumni, an outcome is to bring alumni to campus and receive donations
for the department. The total number of alumni the team is expecting to bring
in for the fundraising gala is 250. This tactic would be beneficial in bringing
alumni back to campus through an elegant evening with their former colleagues
to increase the productivity of the department through monetary donations.

The second tactic the team will use include workshops held by the department.
Alumni will present within their respective career field. The workshops offer
alumni the opportunity to hold mock interviews, offer tips on resume writing,
share career advice, and network with current students (Career Workshops and
Events, n.d.). The workshops will provide alumni the opportunity to connect and
interact with current Georgia Southern students within department, but more
importantly it will drive them back to the campus. The team’s outcome is to
have at least 50 alumni from each major within the department to participate in
the workshops. When including each major offered by the department, the total
number of alumni the team is expecting to bring in for the workshop is 125. This
tactic would help because it would encourage alumni to come back to campus to
engage with current students.

a result in the lack of alumni returning to Georgia Southern’s campus, there
will be two tactics used in order to increase the alumni return rate. The two
tactics proposed are a fundraiser gala and workshops held by the department in
order to engage and connect department alumni with current students. The communication
forms used include emails, telephone calls, and social media posts through the Facebook
and Twitter platforms. The team is determined to reach a communication outcome
to bring at least 250 alumni back to campus for the gala and a total of 125
alumni from each major offered in the department for the workshops. The team is
prepared to reach our target publics in order to bring Georgia Southern alumni
back to campus.



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