Genetically modified organism Essay

Soy beans The world is becoming a very populated place. Population growth is increasing at an uncontrollable rate. It is becoming really difficult to feed the world. Because of population growth humans are going to have to use space and resources efficiently to be able to feed everybody on the planet. People are trying to genetically modify foods so that the food uses less space, water and resources. While being able to feed the world the food has to be also healthy and nutritious. Soybeans are advanced In the field of genetic modifications. In 2007 58. % over one half of the world’s soybean rope was genetically modified. Soybeans are the most genetically modified crop In the world. 40 million tones of soy material has been used has been Imported In 2007 by the E states. Scientists modify soybeans for many different reasons. Scientists modify soybeans so technophobe levels get lowered in the oil of the soybean. By reducing the levels of technophobe in the oil of the soybean, allergies can be reduced significantly but the technophobe is a healthy substance that can dissolve fat and are antioxidants. Soybeans are one of the healthiest foods in the world.

They contain very important minerals and vitamins in large quantities such as copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, thyrotrophic, protein, manganese, molybdenum, vitamin K and vitamin 812. By genetically modifying soybeans scientists are making soybeans last longer and stay in a better condition for a longer period of time. When the soybeans last longer the price will drop, making the crop accessible to a lot people whom may not have been able to afford it before. Because of the price of soybeans go down a better quality of feed can be fed to animals which helps the animals to grow and grow healthy.

Genetically modified soybeans is already being used in so many products , the extra can be fed to the people who are not able to feed themselves. The crop can be able to survive with a small amount of water intake making the crop more immune to droughts and also environmentally friendly. Genetically modified food is not perfect as If today, It still has many unintended and harmful errors. People who are against and don’t think that genetically modified foods are unhealthy and unsafe to eat, they still have a strong case. Biotech foods are salad to Increase the risk of diseases, for example cancer.

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Soybean OLL Is the mall cause for Increasing the risk of cancer for the consumer. Biotech foods may have an unknown effect/danger on the environment because some are resistant to various diseases making them a “super crop”. Some of the crops are even resistant to antibiotics making them even harder for nature to destroy. A genetically modified crops pollen can Just be blown away by the wind or animals to a non genetically modified crop creating an unknown effect on the environment. A fast food chalk giant called Chipolata used to use GEM soybean oil until it go bad publicity from scientists small farms.

Small farms sometimes copy these genes sometimes on purpose and sometimes by mistake. The big companies find out about the forger they sue the farms more money than the farms can afford making big companies bigger and small companies smaller. These procedure can be seen done by a seed company called Monsanto. The making of herbicides resistance plants encourages the farmers to use herbicides on the unwanted plants next to the GEM. This is a problem because the herbicides might get washed away by rain to infect rivers and waterways. This is a problem because the herbicides is harmful to fish and other animals living in the water.


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