Genetic Engineering Essay

Genetic engineering is one of the biggest breakthroughs in agriculture this century. It could mean cheap good quality food for all or it could also mean total world disaster.

How it works? All living creatures are made of cells. The DNA in these cells contains genes. Genes are coded instructions that make things develop in a particular way. New techniques mean scientists can now pick out a specific gene responsible for a particular characteristic and alter it, or put it into a new combination of genes. This is genetic engineering. Hypothetically genetic engineering could have some really good results which would help the world food market.

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However it also provides medical benefits. The achievement of genetic operation will result in a better quality of life for people. Nearly all diseases can possibly be cured. As a result of genetic testing, the prevention of risks is also a benefit. For instance, if I find that I am genetically liable to have a heart attack, I can reform my habits around my genetic characters. Also if it is the result that genes open the power of the mind, then who is to say that someday people won’t be able to hand pick their child and their qualities. Many people see this as an advantage. For example, before a child is even pictured, you can give him, brown hair, green eyes, 6 feet in height and a mind to match! Briefly, the benefits are fewer risks to diseases and to some people, personalized children.

However genetic engineering can cause you to face critical circumstances. Most research being done is by large companies who are more concerned with profit and fame than feeding the world. Very little research has gone into crops that would benefit the developing world.

Yet there are also many moral and religious issues against gene technology. Many people say that it will be an assault of someone’s genetic privacy. Once the technology becomes common, genetic testing will be acceptable, and genetic information will have to be released. It is objected by many people as creating new types of people is like rejecting and demoralizing God’s natural order. Many also view having the power to “select” your child as a problem. They feel the humans should not have the power to create a child like it is some sort of machinery. Life should be held in higher views than that.

Many people think that genetic technology will have organizational problems. For example, that the practice will be poorly in time and that people can do whatever with developing genetic technologies. It is feared that this new power will only be available to the wealthy for their benefit and use.

People also fear the fact that genetically engineered humans will reduce the variety of the human species, which will make the human population liable to diseases. This is an unbelievable idea, but a possibility on the other hand.

Whether people like it or not science stops for nothing. Human curiosity and advancement will always manage to plan some sort of scientific breakthrough. Genetic manipulation is no exception. Like all new technologies, it has its pros and cons that must be considered. The probabilities for reward and for disaster are both vast in this subject. I think that with adequate rules and responsibilities, the benefits of genetic manipulation can far be more important than the negative aspects. It is a circumstance that must be handled carefully.


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