Generally, product or services. In market, customer

Generally, customer awareness is when an individual know their
rights regarding to the product or services. In market, customer are the person
that have the position in knowing about the product, basic features, offer
provided and many more. When customer has some knowledge regarding to the
product or services, they are more interested to purchase and be regular
customer. Awareness understands about place, product, promotion and price about
product or services. After customer knows about the product, they will believe
and spread the information to their close friends or relatives.

Next, customer awareness also have the significant with Islamic
banking, this study show the awareness in Pakistans that has been shows the
variety of suggestion of customer awareness that utilize for personal, social
& economic features decision of what customer thinks (Siguaw and Simpson
1997). Also, in other study shows the significant between customer awareness
and knowledge of customer buying behaviors because customer will buy or
purchase the product if they have knowledge and awareness. The importance of
ethical labeling can make customer aware about one product. For example,
customer understand all about the information that is stated in the packaging, pamphlet
or other medium that can transfer all information to the customer and make they
aware. (McEachern & Warnaby 2008; Hartlieb & Jones 2009; Liang &
Xianyu 2008; Donoghue & Klerk, 2009; Thomas & Mills 2006; Chartrand
2005; Coulter et al.2005; and Dommeyer & Gross 2003). 

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When we study about Dommeyer and Gross (2003), it has been told us
about customer awareness when we enter to the direct-marketing. Normally, young
people and male are more aware on product, practices and privacy laws related towards
one company. In this situation, these groups are more understand on what it offers
and they are adopting each specific strategy. 


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