Gender Identity And Transgender Issues Essay

Gender is a human social system of differentiation by sex for roles, behaviors, characteristics, appearances, and identities. Everyone has an internal sense of their gender, and this sense is called gender identity. Most people’s gender identity is congruent with their assigned sex, but many people experience their gender identity to be discordant with their natal sex. Transgender is a broad term used to describe those whose gender, gender identity, or gender expression is in some sense different from, or transgresses social norms for, their assigned birth sex.

Transgender may include those who identify as being transsexual, cross dressers, androgynous, beginner, no gender or multi-gender, gendered, and a growing number Of people who do not identify as belonging to any gender category at all. For some transgender individuals, the discomfort with social gender role is accompanied by a profound sense of mismatch of the physical body to their internal bodily experience. Personally, it is hard being in a world where people judge you because of how you feel, how you dress, who you date, what you like, etc.. Can’t really describe how it feels like to be judged because of who you like.

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It is hard to decide what to do because you are stuck on how you feel vs.. What is morally right. Also don’t know how to feel when people say “you aren’t born gay, it’s a choice”. I agree and disagree on that statement. Agree because who would want to just choose to be gay without knowing what comes with it? I disagree because some people go through sexuality issues and are extremely confused on what they like, but they didn’t choose to be curious. I just choose to go off of how I feel because at the end of the day, you are who you choose to be and it is up to you to embrace it or hide it regardless of what people think.


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