Gathering Blue Response to Literature Essay

There are many similarities between Kirk’s society and modern American society. Some of these similarities include classifying people into different groups and administrating and disrespecting the poor and disabled. In Kirk’s society, people are classified into groups. There is the upper class, which includes the Council of the Guardians and their staff. Then there is the middle class, which is occupied by people like teachers, tenders, and Kirk. The lower class is full of people that live in the Fen, like Enable the dyer, Matt, Kirk’s friend, or Joe, the future Singer.

These lower class people have a different way of speaking and usually have Jobs as Dragger: people who take the dead, disabled, or punished to the Field, or Diggers: those who bury the dead. Something very similar to this happens in the U. S. People are in economic classes. There is the upper class, the middle class, the lower class, and poverty level. Additionally, Kirk’s society looks down on the disabled as if they are inadequate. These kinds of people, whether they have a messed up leg, arm, heart, or are even autistic, they are thrown into the Field. They are taken to the Field by Dragger.

After animals have killed them, Diggers come to bury the dead body. If the animals eat the whole body, the Diggers do not come. There is also a major disrespect for the poor. The poor usually live in the Fen, a place that people usually don’t want to go to. Although it isn’t as severe here in the United States, people look down on the disabled and the poor. They treat them like trash, and don’t even think twice about it. There are many resemblances between Kirk’s society and modern American society today. Both societies classify people into economical groups and discriminate against the poor and disabled.

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