Gardeners ring design notes Essay

My ring contains no pure elements but its base is made up off mixture of Gold and Copper forming this popular alloy. It is not a flashy ring as it contains no gemstones or artificial substitutes. It is simply a small pot made of rose gold filled with soil and the grass naturally grown on it. To maintain the care of this ring in comes with a Polycarbonate pane to go over the top of this ring acting as a CEO dome, this will stop damage coming to the grass.

It has a hidden clasp underneath the ring which will open the dome. It also comes with a mini copper watering can and mini shears. A rose gold particle diagram with the amount of carats totaling 12 carats this is how rose gold would look. An atom is the smallest possible, an element are the simplest kind of substances, molecules are a mixture of different kinds of atoms and compounds are when atoms of two or more elements are chemically Joined together.

The chemical formula of this ring is Caucus for the base, Socials is the formula of the soil. Soil is a pre-made material which is a key feature for the ring rose gold is either chemically bonded (copper and gold) through electricity, and the grass will be grown from the soil. Scientists are involved in everyday materials because they help identify each material made such as iron and magnesium, as well as this they find out about the properties and how to change them.

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