Galvor Company Sample Essay

Galvor company is one of major Gallic electric industry company which has chief activity as storyteller ( purchase parts and assembly them into high quality. moderate-cost electric and electronic measurement and trial equipment. Galvor Company is a household company founded by M. Georges Latour in 1946. Latour had ever been personally involved in every item of the firm’s operations as in most household concerns. Fiscal growing grew from $ 2. 2 million in 1960 to $ 12 million in 1971. However. April 1. 1974. Galvor was sold to Universal Electric Company ( UE ) . a big transnational organisation with its European Head Quarters located in Geneva. Switzerland. The Company Head Quarter was located in the United States. Latour decided to sell Galvor to Universal Electric Company for $ 4. 5 million of UE’s stock. Compare to UE Galvor’s entire plus and grosss were rather little.

Universal Electric Planning and Controlling System

Universal. which is a company headquartered in the United States. is a big major transnational company in electric industry. As it managed several concern or runing units all around the universe UE has comprehensive and unvarying system for describing and commanding its fiscal activities. The comprehensive system can be explained as follows:

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The Business Plan is a comprehensive paperss made by Universal Electric’s runing unit ( presently UE has approximately 300 runing unit in Europe ) . The Business Plan is used by UE as footing for developing its budget every bit good as mensurating the public presentation of its runing units. Basically this concern program consists of 5 fiscal cardinal elements:

* Gross saless

* Net Income

* Total Assets

* Total Employees

* Capital Outgos

It takes several months to develop this Business Plan. The agenda for fixing this Business Plan is explained in below figures.
Period | Universal Electric ( Geneva ) | Galvor Company |

JanuaryJanuary-AprilMayJune-JulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember | Set probationary aims for each European operating unit for the undermentioned two old ages. The probationary aims were “negotiated” between Geneva HQ and the operating management— ( including merchandise discontinued determination ) The Negotiated aims was reviewed and approved by UE Europe and US central offices. ( Chiefly concentrate on 5 cardinal steps ) . Meetings for reexamining each unit’s concern program. ( portion experience and common jobs ) Revision some of the concern program ( for Galvor. the 1977 gross revenues and net income proposed was accepted but entire assets. entire employees and capex were reduced for 9 % . 1 % and 34 % severally ) . Final concern program due day of the month in Geneva | Prepare the concern program in item how Galvor intended to accomplish its aims for the undermentioned two old ages ( 1977-1978 ) and calculate up to 1981 ( 5 old ages less item ) and subject it to GenevaRequest for major alterations had to be submitted to Geneva. Minor alterations between prognosis and item dislocation are non permitted. |

After fixing the concern program each operating unit in Europe had to subject periodic studies to Geneva in a fixed due period of entry. The UE control and describing systems adhered to basically same standardized study throughout the Universal Electric all over the universe. These studies besides contain information about discrepancy between existent and budgeted consequences for latest month. twelvemonth to day of the month and twelvemonth over twelvemonth in quarterly footing. Basically there are 13 sorts of fiscal studies had to be submitted some on a monthly footing. some others were necessitate less frequently. either quarterly. biyearly. or even yearly.

Execution in Galvor Company

The readying of planning and commanding system was burdensome ( both clip and money ) for little company like Galvor. Previously the company employed fewer than 20 forces in finance section but because of the new system presently 42 people were employee in controller’s section. Previous system control in this company was simple and informal comparison to UE. Basically Galvor’s chief fiscal activity can be classified into two:

* Internal day-to-day operation ( devour 20 % resources )

* UE coverage demand ( devour 80 % resources both clip and money for controller’s section ) . This UE coverage was chiefly performed by Barsac and Hennessy.
During the execution of UE system Galvor faced several jobs:

* Cost benefit of UE’s execution. since it requires tonss of resources including clip allotment and engaging new forces but non all of the studies are considered utile for company’s internal intents.

* The company as an runing units have to subject the same study like bigger operating unit. But the studies are considered less material for UE’s as a whole. Because of less materiality. UE did non truly pay attending to Galvor such as giving aid or way about the controlling and coverage intents.

* HR Problem. since many people in Galvor’s accountant section has restriction in English linguistic communication and low degree of well-trained staff.
* Difference accounting standard between France and US.

* Different currencies and restriction of local system.

For describing intents merely. Galvor was considered as a individual merchandise line even though it had three distinguishable lines—millimeters. panel metres. and electronic instruments. This united line discrepancies could make deformation for Galvor because it is hard to place which merchandise line contributes the lower net income for the company ( as Galvor has direction action to cut low-margin points from line ) .

In add-on. there is besides a positive value with the purchase of this company. that Galvor use overhead cost allotment system is better. In add-on. because Galvor no longer be managed and owned by Latour as a household endeavor. efficiency has become of import and sought additions in the company.

The Main Problems

Inappropriateness and ineffectualness of UE’s be aftering system treated to Galvor. UE’s planning system requires excessively much planning and excessively much clip of readying. The inside informations are besides necessitating excessively much attempt from Galvor’s direction.


The system applied in Galvor is perceived to be inappropriate and uneffective. There are many jobs accommodating the system. although UE planning is for the long term benefit of the system which is the end congruity and UE needs to implement its company’s system and civilization to its every concern unit since it deals with many merchandise lines as one of the biggest companies in Europe.

UE system did assist Galvor to better its cost standard scenes ; nevertheless the coverage and planning system is non appropriate for a little size company such as Galvor. Furthermore. there are besides linguistic communication barriers. limited staff competence. and limited work force. Therefore. UE needs to happen the most appropriate system to get by with the happening job.

The nucleus of UE’s coverage and control system was an highly comprehensive papers: The Business Plan. which was prepared yearly by each of the operating unit. The Business Plan was the primary criterion for measuring the public presentation of unit directors. and everything possible was done by UE’ s top direction to give authorization to the program. As a consequence. there was a really strong centralized accountant organisation with a big staff every bit good as comparatively big concern unit accountant staffs. However. in the instance of Galvor which is a little sized company. a much simpler version of this complicated system would be more suited applied. UE could besides develop a system based on Galvor old system to minimise the altering consequence.

Solution to Proposed Question

1. The overall appraisal of the effectivity of UE’s be aftering system as it is applied to Galvor:
UE planning system applied to Galvor is non good and effectual. Previously as a little family-owned company Galvor does non hold comprehensive system like UE. During its execution Galvor faced several jobs:

* Cost and benefit job. since it requires tonss of resources including clip allotment and engaging new forces but non all of the studies are considered utile for company’s internal intents.

* The company as an runing units have to subject the same study like bigger operating unit. But the studies are considered less material for UE’s as a whole. Because of less materiality. UE did non truly pay attending to Galvor such as giving aid or way about the controlling and coverage intents.

* HR Problem. since many people in Galvor’s accountant section has restriction in English linguistic communication and low degree of well-trained staff.
* Difference accounting standard between France and US.

* Different currencies and restriction of local system.

2. The New Management Systems and techniques that UE has required Galvor to set up.
( 1 ) The Business Plan. including drumhead study ( fiscal statements ) . direction action descriptions and analysis.
( 2 ) Coverage system. comparing between budget and existent consequences. There are 13 studies. one monthly study include the balance sheet. hard currency flow. statistics. etc. and other 12 studies which submitted less frequently ( can be quarterly. biyearly. and yearly )

( 3 ) Cost of the system. including set uping 8000 machining and 3000 assembly standard times and codifying 15000 piece parts. The standard costs include development and tooling costs every bit good as fabrication and assembly.
( 4 ) American accounting methods and dollar currencies is used in the standard studies.
( 5 ) Cost allotment. antecedently Galvor used a individual companywide rate to apportion mill operating expense to the costs of merchandises. ( for many old ages it was 310 % of direct labour ) . After acquired by UE. Galvor refine the process for apportioning overhead costs to merchandises. 15 different cost centres were established. each with separate load rate. These rates which combined direct labour cost and overhead ranged from 13. 19 francs to 38. 62 francs per direct labour hr.

The assorted stairss Galvor goes through in fixing its long-range every bit good as one-year programs

3. The rating of effectivity of the working relationships between Hennessy and the UE executives. The working relationship between Hennessy with Poulet from the UE executive is done by directing each other teletypewriter. Communications were established with respect to the extent the company’s fiscal steps. such as rating of gross revenues and stock lists. Purportedly. the UE needs to see the province Galvor straight in order to cognize the restraints behind the deteriorating public presentation of these Galvor. UE parties were impressed non supply an chance for Galvor to set to alterations in describing systems and other direction systems.

4. If Galvor positioned as an independent company the recommendation will be: still urge Galvor to do short term programs and long term in a subject. In add-on. an rating of the finding of cost of merchandises will besides be our recommend. sing the operating expense cost has non been decently allocated. It would be better if companies implement activity based costing. given the company creates more than one type of merchandise. and a resource to make the ABC was equal. Control is done by measuring the company’s public presentation compared to the stats which originally was created. Galvor is a European company. which may hold a different civilization with American companies. Therefore. public presentation appraisal based non merely on fiscal facets. but besides non-financial facets.

5. Planing and control from UE’s point of view this system which made the UE can be justified ( although different from the planning and control system when Galvor positioned as an independent company ) because the EU is a cardinal endeavor located in the United States and EU besides positioned the other companies on an equal footing with no distinguishing or privileging merely because of differences in the province. As the U. S. corporate civilization. may besides be familiar with financial-based public presentation appraisal. so that the control system of Galvor was carried out with fiscal base.

6. The degree for company such UE rely on a comprehensive system: when companies are incorporated in it has a ordinance. civilization. and different merchandise lines. The company needs to set up threshold for the coverage criterion. It would non do sense if UE require all of its operational units to subject the same standardised study without sing the degree of activity in each of its runing units. The comprehensive system is slightly of import since UE rely on truth of consolidation studies from all of its runing units and its subdivision.

7. The specific alteration for UE’s planning system: in turn toing UE’s planning and coverage system some alterations need to be made for illustrations:
* UE can implement historical criterion for Galvor because it is rather easy to implement and less dearly-won and it’s preferable for little company like Galvor.
* UE can implement ERP system for all or its subordinate in order to prosecute the comprehensive demand. Using ERP can cut down overall costs and clip so the company can accomplish more efficient and effectual planning and commanding process with good truth and timely mode consequences.

* UE demand to develop employment criterions for its operating unit. the employee are required to make some public presentation flat criterion. If they can non accomplish so they will be replaced with more competent employees. Some unnecessary place can be eliminated due to minimise the cost.

* The new UE’s execution system for Galvor should be developed measure by measure. in the first execution period Galvor should non follow the full demand as needed for the large operational system. So UE’s should develop hierarchal planning and describing criterion for little. medium and big of its runing units. Each different degree of runing unit will follow different set of criterion. the smaller the operating units. the less complicated the planning and commanding system will be. But the criterion still address the five cardinal elements established antecedently ( gross revenues. net income. entire assets. entire employees. and capital outgo )

* UE should supply aid and solution for the company like Galvor which still freshly implemented the UE’s system. Some preparation are needed to educate people in UE’s runing units every bit good as uninterrupted monitoring to guarantee that the system has worked good and the runing units can implement it without confronting important jobs or troubles.


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