Fundamental part of the overthrown of Penitential Essay

Despite of being a fundamental part of the overthrown of Penitential, Eely Alfalfa and the Coast Liberalism were segregated from political power. In Quito, It was established a stubborn government that left the people of the coast unattended. These events brought another Insurrection In 1884, the forces of the government won and the liberals had to leave the political scene for some time. On these revolutionary movements Had a particular participation the coast peasantry (accompanied) which were segregated since 1830.

Eely Alfalfa In fact, on the coast there many vindication movements named “monotone’s” made f peasants (laborers), small farmers, who tired of being abused and exploited by the “Hacienda’s” and some authorities, decided to organize under liberal principles. The popular resistance had began. Eely Alfalfa understood the economic and social reality of the Ecuadorian people, he merged with them and took the struggled flag far beyond of the proposals of theoretic liberals who were elite classes, merchants or farm owners.

He became the leader of the Radical Liberal movement. He from exile (panama), was still fighting for the government of Conman, Antonio Floors Join, and Luis Corrode that ended abruptly because of “the flag scandal”. Dominated by the political and social power the Catholic Church had over the government, and by the predominant political concepts of the conservative groups that stopped the national growth, by keeping colonial structures. Alfalfa needed a radical change to shake the foundations and national conscience.

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Alfalfa who was exiled In panama arrived In Quailing where he received a great welcome, It was a CIVIC party, many Important political figures were there, not only liberal but form other political parties. After this of them form Quailing. Conclusions The liberal revolution marked a new era in Ecuadorian politics. It was not only a coup, UT a process of social transformations due to new laws in decrees. The Secular (laic) public and obligatory education was established.

Disposed that women could access to universities. Incorporating her to public services, so she could work for the state. Decreed the liberty of cults. Issued the civil marriage and divorce laws. Eliminated the Indigenous taxation and unified the nation with the rail road. Its great leader was Eely Alfalfa who endlessly fought not only to redeem the citizens, but to unify and give national identity To Ecuador. Alfalfa was president of Ecuador in the periods of (1897-1901) and (1906 – 1911).


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