From reasonable premium price for the product.

From the previous given findings in the first few sections of the marketing plan, business people will be chosen as the target consumer segment. The world of business has undergone a major facelift over the last 10 years, most business people tend to travel for work purposes. They usually take risks and are likely to have at least one technology device with them. Organizations are mostly using technology to become more efficient and finding innovative ways to meet customers demand. With the WT2, business people do not need to hire a translator to follow them around and this can reduce their costs. Business people may not have time to learn a new language due to their hectic schedules. To be able to keep up with the diverse and competitive market, the WT2 makes is a great product to target at business people to avoid language barriers.


The perceptual map above shows the WT2 is between being convenient and innovative. The company offers a reasonable premium price for the product. The target consumer segment does not have to spend a fortune and it can be purchased online. In addition, it provides free shipping and if the consumers still have doubts over the WT2, the company can ship it to their place and consumers can test it with a minimum cost. This creates convenience and a sense of understanding which might result in a gain of loyalty from business consumers. When a consumer purchases the WT2, it comes with two earphones in a box. The WT2 requires one application which the other user only needs to put on the other earphone translator. In addition, it is cheaper than competitors such as Google Pixel Buds Translate and Siri (This can only be used when an Apple product is bought). There are three selective modes available for the chosen consumer segment to choose. The translator allows business people not only to be used at meetings but also when they are roaming around the city. For instance, asking for directions or translating foreign road signs with the help from strangers.

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Moreover, the WT2 supports both iOS and Android. Business people do not have to set up anything on the system as it connects automatically. They can be bilingual on the spot which reduces stress level and increase their work level performance. As a result, there will be a sense of accomplishment.


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