Freedom writers Essay

Freedom Writers, a film directed by Richard Laggardness, is about a middle class woman, Erin Gruel, who takes a Job teaching in Long Beach, CA. She receives a class of very different people, with different nationalities, who share the same fight. She achieved helping with disadvantaged students, when no one else thought that they would amount up to anything. As the film progresses you see how the student’s lives change and how they turned into well thought of adults, thanks to the impact of their dedicated teacher Ms.

Gruel, At the beginning of the film, Erin Gruel is introduced as being quite an excited, vive teacher, eager to start at Wilson High. In the beginning she is also introduced as being quite a positive character. “l believe the real fighting starts in the classroom. ” This dialogue is showing her optimism in her teaching and within students. From this quote can also perceive that she is going to be willing to try and change the students for the better. From an audience’s point of view, having watched the film, you understand that she doesn’t anticipate what she is about to face in the classroom.

The audience soon sees some of Rein’s hopefulness fading away as she looks into the extinguished honors class and then into her class, room 203. There is a close up of her smile slowly diminishing as she walks into her classroom. That shot emphasizes her change in expression when she realizes that it is not quite up to the standards of the distinguished honors class. Her hopefulness may have faded a bit, but it still seems like she wanted to make a good first impression on her new students.

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This is shown when she rubs out part of her name on the board and then rewrites it, smudging the chalk on the back of her skirt which displays a comical side to the film. I think that she comprehends the difficulty of her Job when Andre and Jam have a fight at the beginning of her first class. You can see her face tense as she looks quite overwhelmed with lack of classroom control and the fact that she doesn’t know what to do. This is shown through a mid shot where we can see some of her body as well as the facial expressions.

As the film progresses, Erin tries to make headway on her impact on the students. She wants her class to know that she understands them and that she is not so different by playing some rap music. This does not sit very well with ere class as they start thinking that she is making assumptions about them. “Lady, stop acting like you’re trying to understand our situation and Just do your little babysitting. ” This quote, said by Jam, confirms how little she has impacted the students so far.

They are ignorant towards her attempt to get through to them, as they think she’s Just another lousy teacher who won’t make it until the end of the year teaching them, because there are most likely going to end up being ‘drop-outs. ‘ As her teaching position goes on, we see Ms. Gruel getting through to the kids as she acquires a new approach to teaching them. By getting her class to play The Line faced in their lives. She gives her students diaries in order for them to share their story.

Shown through a close-up, we see Rein’s happily surprised face when she notices that all of the kids have left their diaries in the cupboard for her to read about their experiences. This becomes a turning point for her relationship with her students, as they are now opening up since her teaching position started. As she reads the handed in diaries, her concern grows for the kids, but so does her dedication and determination. This gets displayed to the audience when she starts to aka on more Jobs outside of school in order to fund for book and trips for the students. When Eva asks Ms.

Gruel if she can stay after class to complete her homework, the audience recognizes the impact that Erin has had on some of the kids. They are now turning up to class everyday, willing to do learn. This is such a change of attitude since the start of the film where the students were not even interested in what the teacher had to say. This statement is also supported by dialogue between Marcus and Erin, “That MIPS Gees lady, the one that helped hide her, I like her. I got al these other books about her from the library. ” This is showing the audience how much the students have grown since having Ms.

Gruel as their teacher.. Marcus and Eva are Just two examples that Erin has made her students want to try in school and learn in and outside of class. At the end of the film, we understand Rein’s impact on the students when they are in jeopardy of their class splitting for the next school year. We get to see the how much the students really do appreciate and respect Ms. Gruel, in comparison to the beginning of the film where they were challenging her. The change of attitude towards the teacher is reinforced by dialogue when she thinks that Marcus is referring to her as his mother, “[Ma] it’s a sign of respect for you. This is a big change in comparison to the beginning of the film, “White people wanting respect like it’s free. ” From having watched the film, we can understand that the students haven’t just given their respect to Erin, they have gotten to know her and now respect her as the previous two quotes support that. At this point in the film, Ms. G now understands how much she has changed her student’s perception of her and education, and how much they really do appreciate this class as well. Room 203 is like a home for them. All of their trust is wrapped up inside it. ” This quote is supporting the fact the students have now found a safe home away from home with their class mates with the help and impact of Ms. Gruel. It was great what Erin did for her class, however it may not be replicable by many teachers, as she devoted all of her time on her class. Overall Erin Gruel shows us how her dedication and determination impacted and changed the lives of her students in a positive way.


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