Frankenstein Essay

When an infant is first born it experiences its five senses all at once like the Creature does when first created. In the passage from Frankenstein by Mary Shelly the author portrays the Creature as a new born. For the first time the Creature experiences his five senses and is overwhelmed by his experience. He connotes a baby like experiences and behavior; which is seen in the author’s writing when she compares the two by using the five senses and allusions. When babies are first born they are confused about what they are feeling because they cannot distinguish one sense from another.

In the same way, the creature in the passage says,” A strange multiplicity of sensations seized me… indeed, it was a long time before i learned to distinguish between operations of my various senses. ” This statement clearly shows that the creature did not know the function of his senses and difference between them. Also, the creature’s senses are very weak in the beginning just like a newborn. The creature expresses this in the passage by stating, “… a strong light pressed upon my nerves, so that I was obliged to shut my eyes. ”

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Later on in the passage the creature learns to avoid unpleasant feelings and knows how to get around them. For instance, when feeling hungry he searches for food just as an infant has a natural reflex to suckle when they are hungry. Another baby like trait the author describes is when the creature says, “I was a poor, helpless, miserable wretch; but feeling pain invades me on all sides, I sat down and wept. ” When feeling helpless babies cry because that is the only way they can express their emotions. The creature is expressing himself by crying because there is no other way he is able to.

After some time a baby learns to recognize sensations and surroundings and by the end of the passage the Creature does too. His senses are stronger and he is more aware of his surroundings, he is able to fix his eyes on an object, and he can hear more clearly. Also, because he is developing, the creature tries to mimic the sounds of the bird he hears like a baby would imitate sounds. The baby babbles out words but no one understands formation of the words and the creature is in the same predicament stating, inarticulate sounds which broke from me. ” This shows his development but also his weakness in speech, just like a baby. The author uses the five senses and allusion to show how the creature is like a baby. Through the passage the creature learns about life and the world through his experiences and develops just like a child would. Through the many examples it is clear how weak and helpless the creature is just as a baby coming into the world. Gradually the creature develops and the vivid details help the reader relate the creature to a baby.


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