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Four website for improve study skills and reading skills for the college students. When I was in college I thought to be a good student I have to do Just show up on the time, sit a corner on the room and listen to the teacher, reading the textbooks, take notes and study right before the test. However, learning, like many other activities, involves a complex set of skills that require practice. For example I am huge fan of basketball. I know everything about the rules on the game. I never miss a single game on the TV but I don’t make me a good basketball player because I don’t eave any skill for play a single game.

To become a good basketball player you have to learn how to dribble, pass, shoot, rebound, be a team player, etc. , and you have to practice these for over and over to be become successful. Similarly to the study you have to improve the study skills and study skills. You have to practice over and over to be a success. To improve your study skills and reading skills. Here are some great website to help you become more effective in college, here are some helpful hints on how to become a better student. N the this website to a good study skills you have o improve many different types on type of aspects of you like, some are like Stress Relief, Proper Studying Environment, Getting Organized, Time Management, Helpful Study Resources etc… Stress Relief are more stress you can’t control yourself it may cause you different type of problem in your life, so to manage your stress you can create a routine. It will easier to fit in all the things you need to do in a day without feeling too stressed. Give yourself a break so you feeling more refreshed and ready to go after the break and learn time management skill.

Time management skills will aka everything from getting assignments done to managing work a lot easier. Http://Madison. Balance. FM Proper studding environment help you to concentrate on your study, one of the many most important factors in studying properly is choosing where you can study more effectively. Creating a good study environment allow you to maximize your learning more easily. When combined with effective time management, high motivation, good reading and note taking skills, and systematic test preparation, a good study environment serves as a catalyst for productive effort.

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There are three primary considerations in creating your study environment. You’re most effective and efficient learning style, the nature of the learning task and the availability of learning resources. Http://www. Act. AU. Du Getting organized is one of the key factors for study skills. It can be save more time in your life. Keep your long- term goals in sight and make a plan to achieve your goals. Good tome management is synonymous with good origination, to do that sit down and take your time to think about your task you need to done.

Divide large task into smaller pieces so it help you o focus in one thing and get a better result. Write yourself a note or put a reminder at top of your list. Effective time management will take some time to get used to. No matter what you did or didn’t get done today, there is always tomorrow. Building time management strategies is similar to planning a budget. Just as the goal of a budget is to put you in control of your money, your goal in time management is to regain control AT your time. I nee TLS step In Torment time management strategies Is to analyze how you spend your time. Http://alack. Rip. Du If you want to be successful you deed to find a goal for you. It’s difficult to arrive at a final destination when you’re unsure of what it is and how to get there. Develop a roadman for reaching your educational goals. It’s easy to forget assignment due dates, test days, and other important information when it’s not written down, especially when you’re focused on your studies so you can Use an appointment book for remembering the things you want to done. Develop strategies for overcoming learning differences when instructors employ contradictory teaching methods.

You’ll better retain information room the textbook if you practice active reading. Organize study groups with other classmates. It’s easier to remember concepts taught to others, and group members often share insights you never consider. Take organized notes. If it’s useful, develop outlines, highlight key information, or utilize other methods to organize lecture notes. Take organized notes. If it’s useful, develop outlines, highlight key information, or utilize other methods to organize lecture notes. Http://www. Collateral. Rug Reading is an important life skill, one that is important not only for your success in school and ark, but also in your daily life. Here is some way to improve your reading skills. Find something that interests you and that you enjoy reading such as a book series, magazine, or a section of the newspaper. Create a reading spot with pillows, blankets, and good lighting. It’s much easier to read if you’re comfortable. Establish a daily reading time?lunch, before sports practice or bedtime?whatever works best for you. You might even begin to look forward to that reading time.

Follow your interests and do some research on the Internet. Read about a new band, a new car, or your favorite actor. Try reading something new. Don’t Just stick with your favorites. Http:// humorousness’s. Com You don’t have to be a grate reader to get the point. Some people read fast and remember everything, other read slowly and takes a couple of time to get all information, you don’t need to read everything. Not every magazine, letter and email you receive contains information you need; you don’t need to read all of what you do read. Scan before you read look at the table of contents index, topic, headings, photo captions etc.

Optimize your reading environment your will faster and comprehend more if you read in an environment that’s comfortable for you. One you start don’t stop read each item straight through. Remember, your reading with a purpose, so focus on that purpose and material, if you lose interest or keep losing your place. Http://prize. Com Speed reading is one of the most useful skills you can acquire in your adult life. It will come a long way especially if you are in business or aim to go back to school, where professors require reading of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pages a week.

This skill is easy to learn with some practice, and will also help in interest of information. For the speed reading you need a pointer tool your finger or a pen will be fine, a timer, a pad of paper and a quiet room. Test yourself, set your time and start reading. Not every word is important to understand. Train your eyes to regroup your words. Use your hand to point the words when you reading. It will keep focus. You need practice the speed reading to get better result. Take a break every half hour. Http://whiffletrees. Com Never read a book without a pen.

It will help you to highlight the main pint you e Read a wangle paragraph Deter you go to annulling It noels you to get ten summary before highlight. Read out loud. If read out loud you are using more sense. You are not seeing but also hearing. Explain yourself what you Just read. It helps your thing process. Remember that it takes time, concentration, and lots of practice to be a successful speed reader. It is also recommended to read articles and other books that provide insight and useful tips on speed reading so you can learn how the professionals do it and eventually master the skill.


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