Forensic Manager/personnel Essay

Management of any institution is an uphill task that requires a competent person handling the sensitive issues which arise. Forensic Laboratory is a very crucial area as far as investigations are concerned.  Being a demanding post, it requires a person who is dedicated and hardworking.  Though most of the activities taking place are scientific in nature; having forensic science qualifications should only be an added advantage. The position involves administration duties which are more inclined to a person trained in human management. Though personnel trained in this field will be well versed with the ongoing in the laboratory, he or she may be lacking in   managerial skills.

The personnel must have some managerial training; this will provide him or her with the necessary skills enabling proper handling of day to day issues in the institution.  A manager performs work of substantial involvedness, requiring the administration and coordination of the functions of a forensic laboratory. (Staurt, H and Nordby, J 2005) The job characteristically involves directing laboratory operations; coming up with laboratory guidelines and procedures; providing support to law enforcement officers and other concerned bodies among other duties. These activities are administrative in nature; therefore the level of training required is not necessarily scientific. (Wecht, C, Rago, J and Wecht, B 2006)

A person trained in humanities has the right skills and experience on handling of staff, a major component of management. Proper handling of staff issues greatly improves productivity determining the success of an organization Experience in forensic laboratory activities only gives the personnel an upper hand in the running of the affairs in the institution.

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While hiring a forensic manager, an institution need not limit itself with requirement of a forensic science degree as compulsory qualification; training in management.


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