For of the robot and compartment to

For sorting mechanisms to work, an
Arduino programme is written to carry out the colour sensing and recognising
task correctly. The programme has to be tested and simulation has to be carried
out. After the design has been confirmed, the materials can be purchased. There
are various ways of doing simulation which by using software in computer and
simulation on a breadboard. The breadboard simulation has to be done with real
components. It is important to ensure there are no faulty on the components
and   the board after the circuit has
been powered up with voltage and current. If the programme is not functioning
during the test or simulation, then troubleshooting process is essential. The
next step is to analyse the programme and understand the code function. This is
an important process until the best code has been simulated. The balls are
tested on the circuits which are connected on a breadboard to make sure the
code is right before all the parts are assembled to become a robot. For the
hardware, a suitable plastic material is used as the body of the robot and
compartment to place all the materials. After placing together both software
and hardware, the robot is basically formed. The RGB (Red, Green, and Blue)
values taken from the sensor will then send signal to Arduino Uno to process.
The connection is done by connecting all wires to connect  up Arduino Uno which act as Arduino Uno,
batteries, servo motor as well as the colour sensor. The sorting  system is monitored  and 
checked if  there is any error
during the testing. Once the combination between the hardware and software have
some error of fault, either one or both of the parts will need to be modified.
The troubleshooting process will be repeated until the objectives of this
project are achieved. If the errors are solved, the project comes to an end
which is the closure stage. Finally, the design and development of colour
sorting robot is completed.

2.6 Sorting

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The sorting
mechanisms and tests are evaluated and the data are recorded. The overview of
the mechanism is shown in Fig. 3.5. To ensure the validity and accuracy of the
calculations, the RGB values are verified using colour software available in
the market. 


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