For around freely and clean a specific

For the last few decades, automatic robots-vehicles are becoming very
famous and common in R&D, Industries and home. The research paper details
the development of E-Yantra floor cleaner also the generalise study of e-yantra
robot, its specification and interfacing programming which required to complete
this project. E-Yantra is the advanced robotic platform having number of
functionality. There is direct provision in the e Yantra robot to interface the
servo motor along with the serial communication through RS232 so there is no
need to use two controllers for operation of system.

The project is used
for domestic and industrial purpose to clean the surface automatically. When it
is turned ON, it clean the dust by moving all around the surface (floor or any
other area) as it passes over it. The controller is used to drive the motors
and sensors are used to avoid the obstacles. This can be useful in improving
the lifestyle of mankind.

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the modern world, the Automatic Floor Cleaner is required. Thus, the cleaner is
designed in such a way that it is capable of cleaning the area reducing the
human effort just by starting the cleaning unit. In the paper, main focus is to
build and program it in such a way, that it can move around freely and clean a
specific area.  It uses IR sensors to
detect the obstacles and hence change its direction while moving and also
preventing the cleaner to fall from height. Using
a cleaner mobile robot for house cleaning is more and more popular in household
work recently. There are many brands of cleaner robots in the market for to
help people to do a tedious cleaning job. From the viewpoint of the user, a
cleaner robot need design useful functions which consist of automatic cleaning
whole area, automatic home returning and automatic service at time schedule
user had determined.

The home return function of cleaner robot is
also one of the factor for automatic completely in customer using. The cleaner
robots are worked on each different house that means cleaner robots are
serviced in unknown environment. That reason makes cleaner robots home return
become more and more complication. The presented method can easily figure out
the home and the orientation under unknown environment. This robot is small in
size, light in weight and can clear an area in a domestic environment. Robotic
cleaning systems have the characteristics of being driven differentially. The
floor cleaning robot is an integration of moving mechanism, cleaning mechanism,
control system.

Robot is an electromechanical machine and used
for various purposes in industrial and domestic applications. Many related
appliances from various companies have been followed. Initially the main focus
was on having a cleaning device. As the time pass on many improvements were
made and more efficient appliances were developed.


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