Florence Nightingale Environment Theory Essay

Major constructs indispensable to the Theory.

Patient attention theory. environmentally oriented. where the patient environment should be altered to let nature to move on the patient. ( Alligood. 2010 ) . Nurses are to utilize common sense. observation and enterprise to let nature to mend the patient. The usage of Nightingales 13 canons:

Cleanliness of suites
Health of houses
Bed and bedclothes
Chattering of hopes and advice
Personal cleanliness

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Approachs. to patient attention.

Nightingale believed nursing is a religious naming. and all nurses can assist the patients in religious hurt. doing it a holistic attack. The doctrine of the environmental theory of nursing tantrums good with todays nursing procedure. The nurses need to measure. place. implement. evaluate and do alterations to the program to suit the patient separately until the patient has the desired wellness degree. Teaching by the nurses when caring for the sick every bit good as the patient that has already healed. Observation of the patient and independent judgements made by the nurses.

Examples of each attack to patient attention.

Daily changing of patients linens. every bit good as keeping them wrinkle free for skin unity of the patient. Helping patients on the day-to-day personal cleanliness. every bit good as using wet to the tegument for protection. Keeping noise to the lower limit and leting patients to hold remainder clip. Keeping the conversations focused on the patient. avoid personal talk or chattering. giving false hopes. Detecting and Documenting consumption and end product by displacement to hold a clear position of the nutritionary degree of the patient. Promote healthy feeding every bit good as imbibing and maintain fluids by patient side at all times.


Martha Riley. Alligood. ( 2010 ) . ” . In: ( erectile dysfunction ) . Nursing Theory. 4th erectile dysfunction. : Mosby. pp. 97-109.


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