First notes in her articles, several measure

First of all, Genting had enhanced
the safety measure in the whole environment of the resort. One of the safety
measure that Genting had enhanced was the cable car systems. Based on the data
provided, Awana Skyway are transporting around 20,000 passenger day and amount
of passenger will slightly increase during public holiday especially during the
Chinese New Year. Therefore, we can identified that Genting get to attract more
visitors to have a stay at resort by providing this services. However, the
safety issue of the cable car systems was the main concerns for the visitors. Some
people whose does not have own transportation may choose not to visit Genting
by utilising cable car. It is on the grounds that they may assume that the
cable car system is not really safe as they will worry the cable car may not
strong enough to support their weight. Therefore in order to overcome this
issue, Genting had improved the safety measure of the cable car systems. As
Emily K. (2017) notes in her articles, several measure have been implemented by
Genting to ensure safety on the skyway system. Refer to Appendix 2 (b). By
enhance the safety on the cable car system will effectively increase the
confidence of visitor to utilise this facility. Thus it will definitely
increase the number of visitors come and visit to Genting. Other that the cable
car services, Genting also has provided express bus services for visitors.
There was always bus accident happened in our country every year. Therefore,
ensuring safety measure of bus services also consider to be one of the main
concern for the Genting Company. It is because visitors may also consider their
safety before choose to take express bus to go to Genting. In short, enhancing
safety measure in their transportation facilities will attract more visitors
indirectly. Moreover, Genting also had implemented the Auxiliary Police or
Security Team to ensure the safety and security in the whole environment of the
resort. The Auxiliary Police or Security Team personnel are well trained and
prepare to face and overcome any form of emergency situation that happen around
the resort. The main purpose that they are there is to make sure tourists have
peace of mind when they venture out to enjoy the sights and sounds at the
resort. Therefore, tourists or visitors will be more enjoyable to have their
good time at Genting when they feel their safety and security is guaranteed.

Besides that, the second critical
success factor for the Genting was the transportation facilities provided. The
transportation facilities currently provided by Genting includes Awana Skyway
and Genting Express Bus Service. Based on the research, Genting had long
history in implemented and operated cable car services for the visitors. There
are two cable car services implemented by Genting which is Genting Skyway and
Awana Skyway. The main purpose of operating cable car services is to provide
visitors a convenient way up the mountain to the resort. Cable car services is
mainly introduced to teenagers or foreign visitors which do not have their own
transport to reach Genting. Yet, cable car services not only provide a convenient
way up the mountain to the resort, Awana Skyway makes everyone can experience
more than just a ride up. This newly introduced cable car sevices has makes
everyone to experience with fantastic view of the flora and fauna surrounding
the trail during the journey when they take Glass Floor Gondola which is the
cable car comes with the glass floor and it is more comfortable as compared to
old cable car system which is Genitng Skyway. This newly introduced cable car
system was one of the unique entertainment options for visitors under the
resort’s commitments. Thus, it was one of the attractions for the Genting to
attract more new visitors. Other than that, the Genting Express Bus services
also provides a convenient and cheaper way for tourists to get up to the
Genting Highlands. For those who prefer not to drive to Genting by their own, do
not have own transportation or budgeter, taking express bus consider to be one
of the convenient and cheaper choice for them to get up the Genitng Highlands
as compared to take teksi.which will charge with more expensive price.

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