First Learner Activity: Summing up 1 to 100 Essay

First Learner Activity: Summing up 1 to 100.

Prerequisite: Lesson on arithmetic sequences

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At the end of this activity, the student is expected to

1.)    Identify characters significant to the discovery of how to sum up numbers from 1 to 100

2.)    Use the method of the ancient character who was able to accomplish the said task in summing up other arithmetic sequences

3.)    Relate the method learned to the standard method for finding the sum of an arithmetic sequence


            The teacher will introduce the lesson by asking the students how they can count the numbers from 1 to 100. Then, the teacher will then reveal that there is a famous ancient story of a student surprising even his teacher by finding a very fast way to accomplish the said activity. The students will be prompted to use web sources to search for the story and then after they are able to, the story will be discussed in details with primary attention given to the method used. Lastly, the method will be synthesized with the more modern formula for finding an arithmetic series.

Second Learner Activity: Word Problems Challenge System

Prerequisite: Introduction to word problems


At the end of this activity, the student is expected to:

1.)    Identify different word problems according to type

2.)    Solve different types of word problems

3.)    Develop a sense of camaraderie and fair play with classmates


            The teacher will instruct the class to use different resources such as their books, the library, or the web to search for the most challenging problems that they can find. The students are expected to also search for and understand the solutions to these problems. Afterwards, students will be allowed to challenge one another in solving the problems that they found. If a classmate they challenged isn’t able to solve the problem, the student still has to be able to adequately explain the answer to the classmate to get a point. Students with highest points earn a prize. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will help the students synthesize by asking them what problems they were able to encounter and how they can generalize solving such types of problems.


            These two activities are in line with the NY educational goals because they seek to develop students’ practical knowledge and relate academic content to actual activities in history and in everyday life. The activities also intend to make learning fun and exciting, thereby more effectively motivating the students to participate. These activities will most likely prompt students to use web sources and become more familiar with the internet. Lastly, there are sections in each activity where the student will be able to look back at what has been accomplish and synthesize the activity with the learning content objectives.


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