Finally, authorities have maintained this rule to

Finally, government of KSA has allowed women to drive, which is one of the most remarkable achievement of time. As, women all over the worldare driving since ages, but having this liberty within Saudi boundaries is undoubtedly a revolution for whole Muslim world. Banning women drivers in KSA had nothingto do with Shariah Laws, but authorities have maintained this rule to keep driving job opportunities for drivers.Now, Saudi women would be seen driving through roads of Saudi Arabia and making most of this permission, which would definitely shed off some pick and drop responsibility fromhusbands’ and fathers’ shoulders. However, it is noteworthy, allowing women driving does not mean that transport regulatory authorities of KSA would ever comprise on traffic rules.Road and traffic rules would remain as strict as they were before and no exemptions would be made for female drivers. Although, being a WOMEN you would definitely get courtesy,encouragement and little favors on roads by male drivers out of respect. Because giving respect to women is something, which is embedded in Saudi culture since ever.  Expectedly, a lot of women would try to be drivers out of excitement, even those who have never driven before, so to those and to ever female drivers, it is highly recommended they shouldprepare themselves mentally and physically to face heavy traffic and exacting traffic rule. To have a safe and enjoyable driving experience, here in Saudi Arabia; note these below mentionedgolden rules • Go to driving schools • Get license • Get yourself familiar with all traffic rules here • Gain road sense • Stay away from bumping car • Never drive, when you are tired • Avoid using cellphone • Always wear seat belts, glasses and most importantly confidence • Try to avoid as much as you can, it is good for you as traffic rules are more than strict here. • Never lose your temperament, if something goes against you while driving.


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