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To be financially secured in today’s economy is pretty tough. So many people get depressed because of the bills that tend to pile up on the coffee table. This is why people work more than one job, or even farm all hours of the night, or go to night school after working a twelve hour shift somewhere. Everyone wants a life where they have unplug funds to pay whomever and to have enough money to buy whatever they choose. In the a book titled The Street written by Ann Petty she writes “She couldn’t hope to get a raise in pay without taking another civil service examination, for more pay depended on a higher rating. Pig 82) . Everyone wants better out of life and the purpose of the hardwood for one to endure is to reap a reward which is the profit or money. So many people want a life that that is carefree and most of all debt free. In the United States you can see the demise of celebrities that had millions of dollars and did not pay their bills. Money is intended to bring happiness , a person must realize what makes them happy over a long period if time. Everyone has different goals in life, but no ones goals in life is to get audited by the IRS.

If a person that has millions of dollars at any point in their life, they gust make some choices on who and what they want to pay. Some of the talented celebrities go financially broke because they did not invest their money into places that matter. They key to having a lot of money is to always pay your debts. This will bring the happiness that money is intended to bring. DRP. Jeffery Dew who is a researcher and a professor at Utah State University. He completed an important study with The Marriage Project. He explored the relationship between credit, debt, and happiness.

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Dew found that couples with healthy credit tend to be happier, and he concluded that “conflict over none matters is one of the most important problems in contemporary married life. ” Specifically, unnecessary debt can wreak havoc on a relationship. One of the keys to a happy marriage, then, is to maintain a healthy debt level while minimizing unnecessary forms of debt. Debt can cause frustration and uneasiness but if one has the funds to relieve the debt the freedom the receive can cause them to have be filled with happiness. There is no standard amount of money that every person needs to be happy and content in life.

A million dollars would not do any good to a person that has a debt over a million dollars. The person would gladly accept the money but would still need more to have the found “happiness” that money can bring. A person still can find happiness in earning some type of income period. The feeling a person gets once they receive their paycheck is like describing fireworks going off on the fourth of July, while others are looking at the check like “Thaws it? “, but still have a feeling of hope and happiness that they made enough to go on living to the next check. Even happiness comes to the person who steals.

Robbery is not looked as a state that can cause happiness, but it can… Or the robber. If a person has made a profit off of something they have not made any purchase on then have a return of 100% coming back to them is reason enough to be happy. They may be causing havoc in the streets but they are looking to make money and to find happiness from their scheme. When a person lives in the inner city in America that person will see crime, will see poverty, and other harsh realities of the world. The purpose of the inner cities was to provide jobs for the people and for business to make a lot money.

The people flocked to the cities in order to obtain a job where they loud provide a stable living for themselves and their family. This caused more people to move to the city but not enough jobs was one of the original causes of poverty. For the people who left everything in hope of finding work but was left with nothing ended up on the street, begging for change and eating scraps. In today’s current State the inner city still works the same. But when a person happens to land a job and able to save enough money, usually their goal is to move out of the inner city. In reality no one wants to live in the inner city because it is not safe.

It is not safe because people do not have none and will steal, kill, and do whatever they need to do in order to maintain their livelihood. In The Street the main character discusses the purpose of her going back to school and working long hard hours was to move out of Harlem and find a nice place for her and her son. “The cold could not reach through to her, even with this thin coat on, she thought. Because the fact that she wouldn’t have to live on this street much longer served as a barrier against the cold. It was more effective than the thickest, warmest coat. She toyed with figures. Perhaps she would get forty,


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