Fever 1793 Essay

Two adult thieves came in and Mattie hid. They looked around and shoved many of her special family heirlooms and other items into their big sacks. During this, one thieve almost cuts her with her grandfather’s sword from the war. She comes out of hiding and runs. They catch her and tie her up. Her slap her to try and get her to spill were the coffee shop earnings are hidden. Her grandfather awakes and comes downstairs with a gun. He threatens to shoot and does, but the thieves dodge the bullet. Grandfather is thrown to the ground because of the force of the shot.

One thieve runs away and the other goes and beats grandfather up. While this is going on, Mattie grabs her grandfather’s sword and cuts the thieve on his shoulder. He cries out in pain and runs toward the door as Mattie chases after him, shouting some foul words the author unmentioned. After running a few blocks, she figured the thieves were long gone and rushed back to the coffee shop. To me, this scene was one of the most intense out of the whole book. I think it really does show how rueful this book is and it is packed with a lot of suspense.

The interactions between the characters also made this book compelling. The interaction between Mattie, Grandfather, Elise, Mother, and many others were also powerful. After the scene Just presented, Mattie and her Grandfather have a very powerful conversation and interaction. Her grandfather lay barley alive on the coffee shop floor. He said his last few words and took in his last breath. Mattie was crying and screaming as he lay there lifelessly. But, the words he said and how she acted to those words were the most compelling.

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They even made me cry because of the author’s emotional intent. It was so strongly written that it made me feel like I was Mattie and how much I wished for grandfather to awake from his now never ending rest. The author’s style also made this book powerful. Lastly, the author’s style made this book powerful. The words she used made you want to read on and wish for a sequel after you finished the book. The emotions she made you feel throughout the book were engaging. She made you feel whatever

Mattie, or any other characters were feeling and made you think what they were thinking. She also wrote the book so that it could appeal to basically anyone who can read. It even makes you really want to learn more about what truly happened in In conclusion, the intense action, the interactions between many characters, and the author’s sense of style makes Fever 1793, a really powerful book. It greatly reflects one’s life during this period of time and the spread of this illness. Because of this, it truly draws the reader into the book and pushes them to the edge of the seat.


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