The last days of the Ottoman Caliphate Essay

Released by www. marifah. Net 1428 H Birth & Early Years Shaky ‘Abdul Karri al-Riff¤t was born in 1322/1901, during the last days of the Ottoman Caliphate, a period of ignorance of the teachings of Islam as well as widespread poverty. He too was born into a poor family and during his childhood Shaky ‘Abdul Karee was sick and physically weak. His mother tried her best to have him cured despite her own difficult circumstances in having to support her family after her husband’s death. She heard about a famous and pious scholar of Damascus, Shaky ‘All al-Dakar who would gladly assist people.

She went to him and resented her son before him and entrusted him with her son hoping that through his blessings and the blessings of religious knowledge (‘mm) he would be cured. As soon as Shaky ‘All looked at the boy it was as if All¤h had already shown him the bright future that awaited the young boy. The Shaky took special care of the boy and continued to supplicate to All¤h for him. After a short while signs of improvement were apparent and the boy began walking by himself – having previously needing to be carried.

In this way the mother’s wishes and aspirations for her son were soon realized. His Education Shaky ‘Abdul Karri devoted himself to acquiring ‘mm at the hands of his teacher, Shaky ‘All al-Dakar until he himself became a teacher at one of the study circles (half¤t). When Shaky ‘All saw his dedication he permitted him to attend the lessons of the great Mum Edith, Shaky Budding al- asana. Shaky Budding immediately perceived some good in Shaky ‘Abdul Karri and allocated special time to him during which he taught him taw rd, logic and philosophy.

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This lasted for about seventeen years. During this period he was not accompanied by anyone else while attending these special lessons with Shaky Budding. Shaky ‘Abdul Karri also studied under Shaky Main Sudan who was specialist in Fish and Edith and under Shaky Ma mod al-Att¤r who was a renowned scholar of Syria. These scholars were responsible for developing Shaky ‘Abdul Karma’s personality as well as his spiritual and academic development resulting in his becoming an outstanding scholar.

Teaching Shaky ‘Abdul Karri served as a teacher in numerous institutions (ma’ ads) during which he instilled within the students sincerity and the responsibility of ‘elm and propagation (ahead). It was the will of All¤h that he served as a teacher, Khan and m¤m at J¤mi’ Caddy bin The¤bit. It was here that his exceptional work began when he revived the role of the mosque until it resembled the glorious days of the illustrious scholars of the past. He held study circles in the mosque in the different subjects.

His and their role as Muslims together with their specialization in other disciplines like medicine and engineering. He worked towards nurturing and developing the students academically and spiritually. His approach and methodology centered on knowledge-action-propagation. Shaky ‘Abdul Karri encouraged the youth to memorize the Cur’¤n and he was particular on ensuring that they learn it according to the narration of oafs from a master of the Cur’¤n by the name of Shaky Mum hiding al-Kurd.

Due to his preoccupation with guiding the people he did not have time to write much in the way of books but he did write, for example, al-Maria’s if Bay¤n ‘Acadia al-Muslim and Call¤sun¤ al-l]timidity’s. His Exemplary Character & Charity Work One of the factors that contributed to the Shay’s success was his excellent personality and character – particularly his humility, his affection for the people and his moderation in his approach. His humility was apparent hen he sat with the ‘Ileum¤ and with his students. He treated his students like his children and he never hesitated in giving them advice and even in making du’¤ for them.

He loved his message because he was calling people to All¤h and he loved the people because he saw himself following the Prophets example by guiding people and taking them from darkness to light. It is said that Shaky ‘Abdul Karri lived with his wife and children in a single room. One day some students came to him requesting that he teach them before Baja because the mosques were still locked. His wife woke the children and carried them to the kitchen so that there was sufficient space in the room for the lesson to continue.

Despite being very busy in nurturing and guiding the people, he never neglected the poor and the downtrodden in the society. He worked towards establishing a charitable organization to take care of the poor, the weak, the widows and the orphans. The result of his efforts was the establishment of Jamaica al-Birr wall-l s¤n and Jamaica Gig¤that alfalfa. These two organizations concentrated their efforts in two suburbs of Damascus. When the above organizations expanded he co-operated with well sheer and ‘Ileum¤ to establish Jamaica al-An data al-legalisms that was to take on the responsibility of the whole of Damascus.

Shaky ‘Abdul Karri only appointed people of good character and sound faith to work for the organization. He worked tirelessly and faced all obstacles with patience and perseverance. He always turned to All¤h in times of difficulty and he was well aware that his work was the work of the ‘Ileum¤ who are the heirs of the Prophets. Death His Death Shaky ‘Abdul Karri continued to serve the cause of Islam through propagation, teaching and guiding the people for about thirty years until he was afflicted with arterial paralysis for about six months.

About ten days prior to his demise he fell unconscious and he only awoke moments before his soul left his body when he took the name of All¤h. This was while his students were reciting verses 55-58 from Sјrat Y¤sin: “Verily the “Verily be in pleasant shade reclining on thrones. They will have therein fruits and all that they ask for. (It will be said to them) Sal¤m (peace) be on you, a word from the Lord most (peace) word peace merciful. ” merciful. The Shaky passed away in 1973 (1393 H. ) and he is buried in the graveyard known as B¤b al-Shirr.


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