Family Involvement Programs in Dallas, Texas Essay

Family Involvement Programs in Dallas, Texas

Demographic Profile. Dallas, Texas has a population of 1 188 204; 50.2% percent of which is male. Roughly 10.5% of the total population is comprised of males aged 25 to 34 years old. Females aged 25 to 34 years old comprised 9.2% of the total population. About 6.7% of the population is aged 10-14 years old. About 50.5% of the population is white. The black population comprised 25% of the total population. Hispanics comprised about18% of the total population.

Dallas is an urban community which produces light manufactures and textile products.

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Family Involvement Programs in the Schools and the Community. Several schools in Dallas offer family involvement programs divided into three categories: 1) programs enhancing the academic skills of children (an example of which is the so-called “participatory reading program”, wherein both teachers and parents are involved in upgrading the reading skills of children – this program is the most successful family involvement program in Dallas), 2) recreational programs, and 3) social programs designed to develop the interpersonal skills of both parents and children. Most of the family involvement programs in Dallas are designed to enhance the intellectual skills of children (with the participation of parents), although social programs are not neglected.

Success Rates and Challenges. According to the district school supervisor of Dallas, only 48% of parents actually participated from involvement programs. A small proportion of those who actually participated belong to the middle income bracket. A large portion belongs to the lower income bracket. Hence, family involvement programs are usually patronized by parents belonging in the middle and lower income brackets. There is also greater communication among parents of different ethnic backgrounds in the patronization of the programs (race does not count as a variable in explaining the initial success of the programs).

In recent years, though, the number of parents participating in these programs declined. No empirical studies have been made to explain the decline.


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