Failure of Democracy in Pakistan Essay

Democracy can be defined as the government of the people by the people and for the people. It is an ideal form of the government in which all the strata of the population has great say in the internal and external affairs of the country. Significance of the democracy can be gauged from the fact that in the countries where it works and exists full well, they have well organized or disciplined states before and mostly peaceful political, social weather is prevailed so farm.

However, it is rather unfortunate that democracy is derailed every now and again since the inception of Pakistan by dint of certain causes. Bad governance is the first and the foremost reason responsible behind the non delivering of the democracy in the country. It is the bad governance that had been paving the way for the emergence of military regime after the establishment of Pakistan. Furthermore, mass illiteracy and feudal system being both present in the country, the democracy is reduced to an empty show.

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Lack of democracy has pushed the country into a vicious circle by landing it into the state of quandary and arising multidimensional crises on the surface. Due to weak democracy, the character of Pakistan has been blackening in the world comity and putting the national integration at stake. In short, lack of democracy, eats up into the vitals of the nation by plunging it in the state of uncertain. Therefore, good governance should be restored to deliver democracy or true democratic system in the country.

Literary rate should be raised in the multitudes to make them politically educated. Democracy is the only solution to the internal or external problems of the country and is the only way whereby the nation can attain positive amendment or amelioration by all accounts. To begin with, after the demise of the Father of the Nation, QUID E AZAM Pakistan had been becoming the barren and sterile in the terms of leadership. Politics became a bad game or an effective means to promote vested interests. Just after the getting independence, corruption soon took hold of the society.

The Rehabilitation Department accepted the fake claims of the Muslims coming from across the Indian border that gave stimulus to the forces of bribery and other social vices. In the sequel, justice became a rare commodity in the Pakistan’s society and paralyzed people had to purchase justice through bribery. The Muslim league fell a prey to internecine intrigues that gave birth to the political and economic scramble. All of the above gifts of bad governance had been making the avenue for the emergence of the military government.

Thus, in 1957 for the first time Material Law took place and democracy was derailed. In this wise, delay in the constitution making played a paramount part to non delivering of democracy in Pakistan in the early years. The case of India can positively and sufficiently be mentioned in this manner. The democracy has dug its roots deep in India because the constitution there was enacted soon after its establishment that resulted in democratic process by making India a well democratic state.

In Pakistan, however, the constitution making body became a tool in the hands of the knavish politicians who were engaged in palace intrigues making and dissolving the cabinets. The sacred or prime task of framing a workable constitution was thus crucified at the altar of power politics which ultimately leaded to the derailing of democracy in the country Furthermore, feudalism is one of the greatest barriers responsible behind the failure of democracy in Pakistan to a large extent. Institutions can not work freely or independently in the presence of feudalism.

Moreover, in feudalistic societies democracy represents a specific group of society that is ruling class that is why democracy never delivers in Pakistan. Feudal system stops the way of new leadership which comes from gross root level by perpetuating its hold and rule, so the existence of workable and true democracy in the presence of feudalism is not at cards. Similarly, illiteracy fosters mediocrity. Much of Pakistan’s inhabitants are illiterate and live below the line of poverty or squalor.

In fact, democracy is reduced to an empty show if the citizens or the multitudes behave like dumb driven cattle and develop crowd mentality of being driven which every way the leader direct. On the other hand, illiterate masses can hardly select a solemn candidate for themselves on the confidence of their own. They hardly think out of the four walls of their village so that they choose the leader what their landlord chooses often. Therefore, mass illiteracy reduces the standard of the democracy by choosing shaky leadership.

Besides it, lack of sense of responsibility and self aggrandizement among the politicians and the ruling class, corruption, terrorism, unemployment, economic inequality, favoritism in politics and other social injustice have reduced the confidence of the masses and the classes from ruling class. Even coming government is shackled with its interests of own and no any relief delivers to the poor or indigents. Therefore, the name of democracy is reduced to its name only. Imbalance role of media has not put any good show to make Pakistan a democratic state by favoring the rulers frequently.

The media is the greatest source whereby the people can know truth of every thing, so the media of the present is a great propaganda missionary. However, in our country it is always utilized as a weapon. Since the birth of the Pakistan it has been dancing to the tune of ruling regime. The masses can not express themselves according to their wants. Thus, democratically process is there hardly experienced. All of that have made democracy ineffective in Pakistan. That is why democracy is merely named here not in working.

The first and foremost effect of derailing of democracy is that it had seceded East Pakistan from this Pakistan. It was lack of democracy that separated the right arm of Pakistan and held it into meager small holdings. On the other hand, poverty line instead the showing signs of diminution had been swelling upward. Corruption was let loose in every profession of life. Various socio economic sins stand firmly entrenched in the home soil. Moreover, the smaller provinces stand fort the true kind democracy while the military government rather dividend the gulf between the provinces by arising certain misgivings on the surface.

In short, military government not only separated our organs but also thrown national integration on the horns of dilemma. Secondly, lack of democracy in the country has been burying Pakistan under the debris of host of problems. Series of crises grip Pakistan at the present because of failure of democracy in the past. Bereft of democracy Pakistan’s institutions had been crippling and crippling of institutions is the predicament of Pakistan. In times of dangers and uncertainty institutions help the country to overcome different types of crises by contributing to stability to the country.

The weakness of Pakistan lies in having emaciated institutions which have not been allowed to grow and sustain themselves overtime, by the rulers- especially by military rooftops. All of that has made Pakistan hollow from within and like a malnutrition body. Besides, might governs the country, it has become an orphan child and its dependence on foreign funds and it has become a hub or centre of terrorists activities of outlawed outfits are all the effects of failure of democracy and are the gifts of bad governance, on the part of Pakistan. Non xistence of the democracy in the Pakistan has made it a beggar country in the eyes of the world and has loss its reputation that has been built by our ideals in the world. Moreover; Pakistan is not safe place to live and to do business in. the general public has been becoming the victim of fire started by the terrorists. Therefore, the foreign investors and traders do not want to invest in the Pakistan to launch any business so that all has weakened the economy of Pakistan. In this way, to make the country vibrant, viable and burgeoning, drastic measures should be applied.

The education should be circulated from the topmost corner to the bottommost corner of the country. It should be had equal for the rich and poor one all alike as education is the only becoming means through which we can attain our cherished goal by making prosperous developed and progressive Pakistan. As the literary ratio is increased in the country, the true democracy and an effective democratic political process would be dispensed. Good governance should be restored to make institutions stabilized and to dig roots of democracy deep in the corners of the countries.

Bereft of good governance in Pakistan, our nation can not establish its supremacy in the world comity. It is this good governance that can make democracy at cards in the successive futures. Moreover, feudal system should be razed by the roots to make fair and square elections and whole of the rural and urban inhabitants can choose the confidant able candidate for themselves. The media of radio press or television should play its key role to aware the people about democracy by airing news, views truthfully.

It should ever support and second the truth and justice by delivering the reality to the classes of society. All of the realities and facts can be supplied at the door step by the means of effective media in the country. Therefore, it should play its part as best as it can. In the conclusion, it can be said that democracy is the way of running statecraft on the sound lines. it is the only democracy through which we can put Pakistan out of the hole which had been digging its back by military regime in the remote past.


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