Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg Essay

Passbook’s Mark Seersucker Principles of Management Dry. Spouse Trident Introduction Backbone cannot be mentioned In a context of Its creation or In the realm of business without mentioning its iconic creator and original lead programmer Mark Seersucker. The now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to the 5. 1 billion dollar company in revenue (In 201 2) company, Is a Introverted young man all too familiar with controversy and unafraid to express his feelings to where his company stands in the resent and where it should be growing in the future. 1) The young CEO made a goal for himself that for a whole year he would wear a tie to work to show that he Is serious about the growth of Backbone. (3) Along with a handful of others it was his brainchild start up, and grew form a campus wide website to one that would sweep the world. The Harvard university dropout uses a delegating style In a sense that he established himself as the programmer and entrusted his coworkers with large responsibilities to do their Job. Delegating

Mark Seersucker Is an Introverted computer programmer who Is unafraid to lead his company. Although interpersonal encounters may not be his forte he is unafraid to lead his multi-billion dollar company and he does this with the skilled use of delegation that not only empowers his employees but allows Mark to free himself to be a programmer and from as a leader. Backbone provides “An open community from Suck on down. Mutual trust accompanied and sense of community and drive, Instilled by our CEO. Who we all truly Reports one backbone employee. Approval

Backbone was the sophomore project by Seersucker to use a photo based design for public information for classmates. His first endeavor known as “Faces” was shut down by Harvard due to breach of security and copyright infringements. (2) This sort of Ingenuity and boldness has defined Seersucker In his role as Passbooks leader. The tech savvy CEO motivated his company through ingenuity and example, with a remarkable 99% approval rating from within his company. (3) Conclusion Although the pollen may not be shared with his share holders or his skeptics,

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Mark Seersucker has successfully led his company from creation to international success also from a private company to a publicly traded one. Through controversy is flourishing today, all the while overcoming his introversion. His secret to success is the ability to continuously self improve, and being unafraid to entrust and delegate to his employees. 1. HTTPD. Sedateness. comnow0001193125-12-316895. PDF 2. Http://content. Time. Com/time/business/article/O,8599,1644040,O. HTML 3. (Wassermann,2013 ) http://amassable. Com/2013/03/1 5/mark-seersucker-highest-rated- CEO/


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