Fa Mu Lan: Book vs. Movie Sample Essay

The book The Woman Warrior. by Maxine Hong Kingston. and the film Mulan both tell the same narrative. but in really different ways. They have many similarities and differences in their secret plans. The chief message “To thine ain ego be true. ” is shown a batch more in the film compared to the book. They were the same in the overall narrative. but little inside informations like how their household Acts of the Apostless when they come place. their love life. and how they decided to travel to war differ abundantly. Some things. like the reference of firedrakes are common in both scenarios. but they have different functions in the narrative.

One of the major differences between the book and the film is how Mulan learns to contend. In the book. she goes to a house manner up in the mountains for a figure of old ages. and gets trained to contend. In the film. Mulan goes to developing cantonments right before the war with no cognition of how to contend. but she picks it up rapidly. The film likely doesn’t travel through the full procedure of Mulan acquiring trained by monastics because it would take excessively long of a clip. The movie’s focal point is to learn a lesson and to portray a message. so if it would’ve gone excessively much in item. there wouldn’t be adequate clip learn the lesson. In the book. the narrative is non meant to learn a lesson. it is merely explicating another narrative that a female parent told her girl. Another thing that is different is the family’s reaction when Mulan returns place. In the film. it is a really sentimental scene. while in the book it is hardly mentioned. The film is more puffed up with a happy stoping because it is a children’s film. but the book’s version chiefly merely states the facts.

While reading the book. there were a battalion of things that made me believe of specific parts in the film. Dragons were mentioned in the film and the book. The firedrakes are seen as religious existences in both. and they signify certain things in the Chinese civilization. They both mean somewhat of the same thing. but in the film. since it has to be appealing. the firedrake is more of a comedic alleviation. Mulan’s narrative is merely a little portion of the book. so there is no demand for it to be amusing. Another thing that was featured in both mediums is contemplation. Mulan sees her contemplation in the calabash in the book. and she sees it in another signifier of H2O in the film. She is ever being reflected in natural substances. and I think is shows her natural beauty and her connexion with nature. She besides references holding poulets in the book. and she has them in the film every bit good. These could be a common beginning of income and nutrient in China.

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