Exposure to Stereotypes Essay

“Stereotypes are obstinate beliefs. overgeneralizations. myths. and deformed information about groups of people that form people believing and organize the footing of bias. Stereotypes are projected through the media. go portion of the corporate consciousness. and are used to warrant favoritism ( York. 2006 ) . ” The media plays a immense influence on stereotypes. whether it is refering to race. gender. civilization. or even socioeconomic position it is still act uponing the positions of those who are exposed.

As I researched for this paper I realized that I have been so overexposed to these stereotypes that I may hold ne’er recognized them without it being pointed out. This paper will discourse the influence that the media has on stereotypes. and schemes that could be used to antagonize these influences. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 spend an norm of about 32 hours a hebdomad in forepart of the telecasting watching films and telecasting. and kids between the ages of 6 and 11 spend about 28 hours a hebdomad in forepart of the telecasting ( No Author. 2010 ) .

With that being said. I think that our biggest influence on kids is telecasting and films. Although children’s telecasting shows seem to be doing a more witting attempt when it comes to equality among race. there are still elusive influences that many parents may non acknowledge are being taught to their kids. I think that the biggest stereotyped country I have seen on telecasting have to make with gender. Even 30 2nd commercials can do a permanent feeling on kids.

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When thought of commercial about teddy bears and plaything autos it is easy for most people to find which commercial misss would play in and which commercial male childs would play in. As kids grow and retrieve what is presented to them they begin to believe that misss and male childs are different and that they deserve different things. Learned stereotypes extend into the school scene. and. if non recognized and handled early on. can besides widen into big life and the work atmosphere.

Teachers frequently see stereotyped events play out in their schoolroom daily. Children may non desire to play with their equals because they are a male child. or because they speak otherwise. or because they look different. This can hold a immense impact in the schoolroom on societal accomplishments including self-pride. job work outing accomplishments. At this immature age pupils are larning which of their equals are the toughs and which are the bullied. They are larning which pupils have power. and which pupils are powerless.

In a survey on gender stereotypes within the schoolroom there is grounds that stereotyped influences are non merely found on the telecasting screen. they are besides found in the schoolroom in text edition. and even sometimes presented by instructors. In this survey a adult female named Erinosho analyzed 76 scientific discipline text editions. In the images found in the text editions 75. 6 % showed males. and 24. 4 % showed females. Erinosho observed that females were frequently presented as hairstylists or secretaries. while males were frequently presented in professions like physicians or applied scientists ( ) .

Exposing kids to these elusive stereotypical pictures merely do it more hard to get the better of issues with stereotypes in the school scene. There are a few great schemes that instructors can utilize inside of the schoolroom in effort to antagonize the stereotypes that kids are on a regular basis exposed to throughout their day-to-day lives. Teachers can do elusive moves such as adding culturally diverse stuffs to the schoolroom. guaranting that housekeeping countries are appealing to both males and females. and adding dolls to the schoolroom that present our differences.

Teachers can besides set up images in the schoolroom of different civilizations. races. and genders working together every bit to accomplish a common end. In my sentiment the best manner to antagonize stereotypes is to take the bold move and openly speak about our differences and similarities as a category. Students should hold the opportunity to discourse their civilizations and beliefs openly amongst their equals. As pedagogues we can supervise the treatment and guarantee that the kids are larning from each other and non taking the chance to set each other down.

As kids learn they are different they will rapidly larn that they are besides really similar in more ways than one. It besides may be good to affect parents. Having pedagogues. pupils and parents working together to carry through is normally really helpful to any state of affairs. No affair what precautions we take kids are traveling to be exposed to stereotypes on a regular basis. Parents and instructors can work together so that kids are besides exposed to the thought that through our differences all people are people and merit to be treated and thought of as the same.


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