Exploratory and Active learning in systematic instructional technology Essay


Active learning is the process by which students participate in the learning process. Here students are supposed to analyze, synthesize and evaluate problems. Exploratory learning is a learning theory where students guide their personal learning process. They usually do this by discovering certain aspects, procedures and facts needed in the classroom. The essay shall examine ways in which the latter two theories can be carried out in systematic instructional technology.

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Active learning strategies in systematic instructional technology

The goal behind active learning is to encourage students to discuss, think and evaluate problems. Teachers are only facilitators rather than drivers of the class. This strategy can be applied in instructional technology through a variety of mechanisms. For instance, one can encourage students to participate actively in class by creating e-books. E-books are usually books that are found on the internet. By encouraging students to create their own books, then the student will develop a wide range of skills related to their subject matter.

Another way in which active learning can be incorporated in instructional technology is through digital story telling. In this kind of environment, students are supposed to create graphics with some text, narration music and sound. This makes the nature of their learning experience more active as they have the option of editing their material as they wish. Besides the latter, teachers can also incorporate active learning in instructional technology by supervising their trainee teachers virtually. Many students may be hindered from taking part in classroom activities because they tend to worry about the presence of an outsider in their classroom. By instituting virtual supervision, then students can still go on with normal classroom activities without any unwarranted interference.

Lastly, active learning can be enhanced by creating websites for interaction with different stakeholders in education. Teachers can create websites that assist them to interact with students. In such websites, students can get tips on what they need to do in order to succeed. It should be noted that today, students usually use the web to access assignment instructions; however, active learning can be incorporated in systematic instructional technology by creating interactive websites such as Yahoo.

How exploratory learning can be incorporated into systematic instructional learning

One of the ways in which teachers can incorporate exploratory learning in technological instructions is through provision of assignments which can be found in electronic database technologies such as Data Discman. This piece of equipment has the ability to store vast amounts of data through a compact disc player. By giving students assignments in such forms, teachers will be encouraging their students to find out for themselves information from the internet.

 Besides the later, teachers can also include exploratory learning in technology through micro computer based laboratories. In this system, computers provide students with an environment conducive for exploration. Here students measure physical aspects like sound and light and these are then transmitted to the computer through special equipment. By doing this, students can develop inquisitive skills about their environments and also be encouraged to explore. Some of the disciplines where micro computer labs apply include

·                                                               Physics

·                                                               Biology

·                                                               Mathematics etc


The essay examine as practical ways in which instructional technology can be enhanced through active learning and exploratory learning. Examples here include virtual supervision of trainees in classroom, creation of interactive learning websites for students and teachers, creation of micro computer learning, encouraging students to write e-books, utilization of electronic databases fro assignments and also though digital story telling.


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