Explain the Need for Record Keeping Essay

Attendance records are used to keep a log of student’s attendance and are also used as a health and safety document. If there is a fire, this record will then tell you if there is any one missing and therefore advise you if any one is still in the building. Attendance records keep a log on any sick days off and holidays. It may also contain personal information, for example staff ID numbers.

Tracking sheets are useful for recording learner’s names and dates they achieve each outcome, section or assignment. It also gives you a clear overview of learner’s achievements to date. And feedback records keep a log of any feedback you give and the learners have copy so if they lose theirs you still have the original.

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An accident book is used a record of any accident on the premises. It details what happened, when it happened it and why it happened. It also keeps a log so the health and safety can see it if any thing serious happened on site and if a worker became ill at a later date.

Health and safety records are a legal requirement of the health and safety executive This keeps a log of any broken tools or any safety incidents that occur on site

Materials and resources record will keep a log on materials so you can plan for a lesson and you know how much you have /will need. It can also be used to document any depleting stock as part of an investigation into theft.


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