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Explain with examples, the concepts of Ecological space (e-space) and Ecological Footprints. How would you relate these two concepts with sustainable construction? Question 5

Discuss with examples the concept of “Sustainable Development” in the context of construction. What are the mall barriers to the successful Incorporation of the elements of sustainability in property development in Malaysia? What are possible t Off Question 6 a. Define the following: I) Blackener it) Greater iii) Reclaimed water iv) Rainwater harvesting v) Scraping [5 marks] b. “Major rethinking of the building hydrological system is clearly needed to make better use of the increasingly scarce and expensive potable water and to reduce the impact and cost of treating effluent from buildings” (Gilbert, C.

J. (2005) “Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery . P. 246. ). Discuss this statement in the light of sustainable building water supply strategy. [1 5 marks] Question 7 Buildings [in their operation, construction and refurbishment] are claimed to consume around 40% of energy and emit almost 40%

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