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Every surgery is generally worrying for the patient. There are a number of questions that matter to him. Each of them will receive a response from the surgeon … but the answer lies within the competence of the surgeon concerned. In this article I will try to understand (as much as possible) what these unmarked operations are and are they possible. Still, it is better to think about the scars before surgical
intervention, and then not to fight for the removal of a scar of
surgery. Yes, a non-scarce operation is possible, but it is a technique used in laparoscopic surgery. When
you suffer from bile (gallstone disease – chronic or certain forms of
acute cholecystitis) and need to be removed, the so-called biliary surgery, there are generally three possible ways to remove the gallbladder in front of you:· Standard surgery – conventional surgery requires opening (laparotomy
along the midline of the abdomen) and therefore the scar is inevitable,
regardless of the cosmetic seam and application of various scar removal
Laparoscopic bile operation with three instruments (camera and two
working tools, and in some cases the 3rd tool) – The operation is done
through three or four small openings of 5mm and 1cm. Although smaller in size, the scars remain.· Laparoscopic biliary surgery with one instrument: Single-shot or SILC – single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy. With this particular laparoscopic technique, surgery is performed
through the opening of the navel and virtually no trace after it. The
example given is biliary stone disease, but the above-mentioned methods
also apply to acute appendicitis or other surgery, depending on the
surgeon’s qualification. Call and consult! In fact, laparoscopic operations are the most beneficial for the body and the patient. Sometimes
they are impossible to perform when the patient has a lot of adhesions
from previous operations or medical contraindications (severe forms of
chronic obstructive disease, heart failure, etc.). Laparoscopic
techniques result in less trauma to the body and consequently less
postoperative pain , faster recovery and easier transition to normal lifestyle. When you decide what to do, make sure you are fully informed about the alternatives and remember that it is personal to you. Together with the appropriate surgeon, select the most appropriate surgical method.


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