Evermore tours Essay

For the wedding couple we have a romantic deluxe studio with king-size bed, a delightful private bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a balcony with ocean and garden views. The price of $6,650 for this studio includes full breakfast and candlelit evening meal on the terrace. (The manager said he could give us a 20% discount) For your guests we have some amazing apartments that have room for 4 guests In each. They costs $1,490 per apartment. WEDDING DAY Saturday 14. September 2013.

Our nice and professional staff at the hotel will be setting up and decorate for your adding sermons at the beautiful beach. We booked a professional photograph Elian McCauley, who will take lovely pictures of you under and after the sermons. That Is an 2-hour Photostat that cost $500, this includes a custom-designed CD If more pictures is desired it costs $135 for each additional hour. After the sermons It will be a buffet meal organized by Maddox, the best Catering Services in Virgin Island. The dinner will be served in our coos and traditional restaurant looking over the calm Caribbean ocean.

It will be delicious salads made from the Island fresh vegetables and fruits. A variations of fresh fish and seafood caught the same day. A choice of stews and curry dishes with the tasty spices of the Caribbean. We will also have delicious dishes for vegetarians. It will be served rice and the old traditional Caribbean tasty Cassava bread. Wedding cake. Price per person for dinner included beverages will be $90. After you enjoyed your dinner and your В«belly fullВ» like they will say in the Caribbean, it will be live music so you can dance into the sunrise.

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Day 2. Use the day to relax in the hotels comfortable zucchinis and take a fresh swim in the emerald green water. Day 3. Coral World Ocean Park. Get up close and personal with the beauty and magic of Caribbean marine life in a stunning setting. You can view life on a Observatory. If you really brave you can pet sharks, hand feed stingrays or enjoy the calm turtles. Day 4. Magic Ice – Art below zero. Get a taste of Scandinavia in the Caribbean. An exhibition that emphasize rich history of the Caribbean which provides a glimpse into the 18th century lifestyle.

You will find sculptresses the В«Golden Age of PiracyВ» with shipwrecks, lighthouses and animal life, among many other beautiful and historical sculptures made of ice. Day 5. Relax at the hotel spa or enjoy one of the other different beaches on the Island. Day 6. Shopping and sightseeing. Visit some of wonderful and exiting shopping opportunities in the capital, Charlotte Amelia. Here you can get everything from exclusive Jewelry and watches to traditional art and handcraft. The stores in Charlotte Amelia are housed in and among historical buildings.

Small and cozy restaurants and a couple of fun bars are located among the stores, perfect for lunch or a refreshing drink. Day 7. Luxury Catamaran Adventure. Enjoy a day going into the beautiful sunset in a amazing catamaran. You will have the opportunity to snorkel in the clear blue water with fishes in all the rainbows could and maybe there will be dolphins swimming along with us by the boat. Included in the price is a barbeques and refreshing drinks. Day 8. Departure for the airport at 9:AMA Departure NOR – Tokyo Arrives SST – Saint Thomas TTL :pm Departure SST – Saint Thomas at 1 pm


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