Ethic Across Cultures Sample Essay

A immature adult male meets a fantastic miss in his senior twelvemonth in college. He believes this is the 1 that he might get married in the hereafter. He is profoundly in love with her. He has a job. After go forthing the restraints of parental authorization at place. he went wild as a party animate being at college. He was really sexually active in his fresher and sophomore old ages at college. During that clip. he caught venereal herpes.

Discuss the undermentioned instance in footings of the virtuousnesss non-malfeasance and honestness. In this instance when it comes to doing any kind of judgement it is merely valid in relation to one’s civilization. The moral frame work is merely on the footing of moral rules and regulation established by one’s civilization. In following the proper rules and being ethical show that you have good character. This immature adult male has chosen throughout his college life for the desire of sex that was unhealthy and harmful. He has chosen to necessity make the best of a hard state of affairs to seek felicity. This has driven him to excess and shortage that lead to the antonym of virtuousness. In the sister instance a individual can make the right thing in a state of affairs without needfully being a good individual or cultivation good character. Accord to the regulation and rules of moral she is prone to make what is right. There are a natural nexus between brother and sister that they prone to maintain a close relationship. This immature adult male ought to back up and pattern safe sex. therefore this immature adult male ought to pattern safe sex until he has married.

He should besides ground with his girlfriend and demo some ethic toward their relationship. In the instance of the girlfriend non cognizing the secret it’s demoing the girlfriend that the immature adult male is non to being honestness to her. If the girlfriend happen out the secret she should take into consideration and relevant the factors before she act on the state of affairs. She need to careful exercising of ground to happen out why it was a secret. The sister has chosen good character by being concern on the wellness of person else. The sister should explicate to the brother how she feels about the secret. Let him cognize it will be his duty to demo some bravery that requires him to avoid extreme of cowardliness or folly act and allow her cognize the secret. I think how each individual in the instance should manage this state of affairs in a virtue manner. To populate a virtuousness life style one has to do virtuous wont that lead to good character that is sensible to assist equilibrate their life. In my sentiment yes virtuousnesss and moral values can conflict with each other.

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Moral provides the set of significances through which they understand their experience brand judgements about what is valuable and of import. Peoples from different societal universes moving harmonizing to different moral will do a struggle. when the two parties do non portion norms of communicating. I do besides believe malfeasance and honesty struggle with each other besides. In The new development the sister learns that her brother has decided non to state his girlfriend until much subsequently if they become serious and he has an eruption. He besides asks his sister to assure to maintain his secret. I think virtuousness is non in drama because he was non honorable with the girlfriend. He chosen fright to get the better of him and halt him from being honest with her. If he chose to hold sex with her it can harm her.


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