Ethanol Fuel Production from Banana Waste Peelings Essay

Ethanol Fuel Production from Banana Waste Peelings| CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Due to the modernization to our country, there were new things that are added in the basic necessities of an individual, one of this is fuel. Since fuel can be afford in a high price, some people afford fuel. To resolve this problem, we need to find abundant and renewable source of fuel that is low cost. The project entitled “ETHANOL FUEL from BANANA PEELINGS” can help to solve this problem. This project will give us knowledge on how to make ethanol fuel from banana peelings that is renewable, easy to make, eco-friendly and can be afford in a low price.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This study is done to give importance to banana peeling. The research wanted to produce Ethanol Fuel out of Banana Peelings. Since Banana is abundant here in are municipality there will be a high number of peelings. The researchers wanted to know the effectivity of the banana peelings as Ethanol fuel. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study only focuses on the potential of Banana peelings as an ethanol fuel and answers the questions generally: 1. How can we make Ethanol fuel from Banana (Musa acuminata) Peelings? Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: 1.

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Does the Ethanol gas from Banana Peelings have the same quality as the commercial ones? 2. What properties does Banana Peelings contain for the production of fuel? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This project plan is important because it reveals the potential of Banana peelings used as Ethanol fuel. Likewise this study can give all of us knowledge on how to make ethanol fuel out of Banana Peelings. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS This study focuses only on Ethanol fuel from Banana peelings. The study was conducted at Bayorbor National High School and the Researcher’s house at Barangay Nangkaan, Mataas na kahoy, Batangas. OBJECTIVES: To make an Ethanol fuel out of Banana Peelings that is cheap * To give information about the other uses of Banana peelings DEFINITION OF TERMS: * Banana- Banana is the common name for monocarpic flowering plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants. They are native to tropical South and Southeast Asia, and are likely to have been first domesticated in Papua New Guinea. Today, they are cultivated throughout the tropics. They are grown in at least 107 countries, primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent to make fiber, banana wine and as ornamental plants.

Its fruits, rich in starch, grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant. They come in a variety of sizes and colors when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red. * Peelings- A piece or strip, as of skin or vegetable rind that has been peeled off. * Ethanol fuel- Ethanol fuel is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline. World ethanol production for transport fuel tripled between 2000 and 2007 from 17 billion to more than 52 billion litres.

From 2007 to 2008, the share of ethanol in global gasoline type fuel use increased from 3. 7% to 5. 4%. [1] In 2011 worldwide ethanol fuel production reached 22. 36 billion U. S. liquid gallons (bg) (84. 6 billion liters), with the United States as the top producer with 13. 9 bg (52. 6 billion liters), accounting for 62. 2% of global production, followed by Brazil with 5. 6 bg (21. 1 billion liters). Ethanol fuel has a “gasoline gallon equivalency” (GGE) value of 1. 5 US gallons (5. 7 L), which means 1. 5 gallons of ethanol produce the energy of one gallon of gasoline.


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