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Essential newborn care is a set of basic care recommendations to improve survival of new born through intervention soon after the birth and postnatal period for every baby in the period of 28 days from birth 1 . It includes thermo regulation, assessing breathing and color, clean delivery and cord care, initiation of the breast feeding, immunization, eye care, recognition of danger signs, care of preterm/low birth weight and management of new born infection 2 3.Great efforts had been made to improve the survival of child health below five years around the world over past ten years. However, the achievement was not successful as it was expected, since death of neonates as still increasing from the past. Globally 2.6 (2.5-2.8) million newborns died in the first moth of life in 2016. That is, approximately 7000 newborns died every day. In 2016, an estimated neonatal mortality accounted 46% of all in under-five mortality worldwide. The burden of neonatal death is also unevenly distributed across the regions of the world. Around 80% of world neonatal death was concentrated in Southern Asia (39%) and Sub-Saharan Africa continents (38%) 4. The major causes of neonatal deaths are Prematurity/complication, neonatal infection, intrapartum complication, congenital anomalies and diarrhea among the other causes of neonatal death 5. The first 28 days since birth is the most crucial period in the life of newborns for survival, further growth and development, which is largely determined by the quality of care that the newborn receives in the health institutions and community 6. Up to 75% of neonatal death could be prevented if skilled health workers perform effective measures at birth and during the first month of life in the world. ////////Ethiopia placed fifth in the world and 3rd in Africa by neonatal mortality. Still the death of newborn remains a major public health problem and shared majority part of mortality in the children below five years of age 4. Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey (DHS 2011) estimated neonatal mortality in Ethiopia 54 per 1000 live births//////// and in 2015 WHO estimated 58 per 1000 live birth in the country//////////. The survey conducted in 25 districts of four regions showed low performance of essential newborn practice in the public health institutions. The reasons for these low performances were lack of supply/drugs/equipment (58.54%), training issue (17.89%), and no patient indication (13.01%) 7.   


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