English Learners Development Essay

After I completed my education, I want to contribute to the community by volunteering to teach foreign students. I have a motivation on helping foreign students because of my experience. When I moved to the United States, I feel alone, I had hard time learning the language, I did not make friends easily and other emotions that every immigrants go through. Being an immigrant have other consequences, as not knowing the school system. I speak of this by my experience and some of my friends experience. I move here in my sophomore year, the system of education in the United States was different from when I came ( Mexico).

I was placed in English Learners Development class and I fall behind to finish my A through G class on time. I believe that if someone would teach me the requirements on time, I would not have to take additional classes to make my requirements and be able to take other classes that I would like. From this, I believe that with this contribution the rate of foreign students graduating and going to college will be higher. I also want to contribute in further future by using my talent in art. I want to use art as a therapy. The time when I arrived to the United States, I felt alone because my parents were not there for me.

I live with my mother’s friend but it was not the same as living with my parents. I had hard time communicating with people and that Is when I discovered my passion. I started making art and expressing my feelings through art. It gave me a better understanding that art can help with self-esteem. I got more confidence talking to people because people wanted to know about my artwork. I believe that expressing through art will help to make people more confidence about themselves and get over through negative emotions. I hope that I can be part of a contribution where I can use my ability and talent to help others.

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