What Freedom Means To Me

Freedom means many different things to many people. but to me it means I can populate in a state that believes in life. autonomy and the chase of felicity. I mean this is the “Land of the Free” . However. these are things that non everyone can see. Freedom to me besides means I can do my ain determinations when it comes to my life ; determinations that can do or interrupt my future life. Freedom besides gives me the opportunity to do my ain errors sing of my life and my hereafters. I guess the authorities does believe in us that possibly that is why they made the legal age 18 alternatively of any other age. To me holding freedom besides means that I do non hold to listen to my parents and instructors. good to some extent. because if it was non for them I would hold non gotten to where I am today.

The good thing about holding freedom is that I can take what major I want to analyze and so I can alter my head subsequently on in life and alteration it once more. This is something that other states do non hold. For me. freedom is the footing of our lives. because it allows us to draw a bead on to and accomplish illustriousness. Think about it- what would we make if we did non hold the ability to state “No” . usage aspiration. or be originative? How about non being able to go to school. take our ain partners. or work wherever we desired? You see. if we did non hold these privileges. it would be about impossible to come on from one point to the following.

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Freedom may be the footing of life. but it has two other constituents that it could non be without: regard and diverseness. In order to hold freedom. you need to esteem others’ right to believe and move as they like. and they will finally make the same. Freedom besides creates and embraces diverseness. because all people are alone and different. We are allowed to show our differences because of our freedom. and hence can make different chances. friendly relationships. and calling options to spread out and better our lives. Freedom can non be without regard and diverseness ; but as Americans. we are lucky to hold all of three of these in our state.


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