Erick Ericksons Stages of Development Essay

Erick Erickson was a German psychoanalyst. His involvement in individuality was developed from his personal experiences he had at school. One of the chief elements of his phase theory. which are known as Erikson’s Stages of Development. is the development of self-importance individuality. Ego individuality is the sense of connexion or belonging between a individual and a peculiar societal faith. political group. value. sexual orientation. and so on. He believed that our self-importance individuality changed invariably due to new experiences or different interactions you have with people daily.

To explicate his thoughts more clearly he organized life into eight phases that start from birth to decease. Harmonizing to the theory if you complete each phase you will hold a healthy personality and experience a sense of satisfaction with yourself. If you fail to finish each or an single phase it can ensue in holding an unhealthy personality or a bad self-pride. Each phase has two results. The first four phases occur in childhood. the following four are at maturity. Since maturity includes excessively many old ages he divided them into adolescence. in-between maturity. and seniors or adulthood.

The phases of development are: trust vs. misgiving. liberty vs. hame and uncertainty. inaugural vs. guilt. industry vs. lower status. individuality vs. individuality diffusion. familiarity vs. isolation. generativity vs. stagnancy. and unity vs. desperation. The 5th phase of development. individuality versus individuality diffusion. occurs in adolescence. which includes teens from ages 12 to 18. In this phase. striplings discover who they truly are. They begin to cognize what their function in gender is. what their function in society is. detect their strengths. failings. and do ends. In order to carry through this phase striplings need to research different individualities and commit to one or seek to “fit in” .

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I think that it is really obvious when you see a adolescent in this phase because one twenty-four hours you might see them with a group of friends that are athletic and dressed in New Jersey. running places and so on. so subsequently you might see them with a group of Goths who dress in black. Deciding whether you will go to college or merely travel to a vocational school. and merely happening what you want to go in the hereafter. or survey is besides a portion of your individuality. even faith and political positions are portion of happening out who you truly are. It is a complicated procedure but that is why you need to maturate to do the right picks.

You need the encouragement and support of your loved 1s to assist you. If you fail to carry through this phase you have what is called an individuality crisis or besides known as a diffusion which means you are non committed to an business. a faith. or your cultural individuality. This is considered to be a normal job in a teenager’s life. There is a solution to this job because but you explore the different individualities and make up one’s mind which one entreaties to your life manner and you commit to it. you are ready to travel on to the following phase and be an independent grownup.

Erickson’s 5th phase is influenced from James Marcia individuality positions. which are. individuality diffusion. foreclosure. moratorium. and individuality achieved. Marcia’s thoughts will assist you better understand the importance of Erickson’s phases of development. Identity diffusion refers to when there is neither an individuality crisis nor committedness. Identity achieved is when the individual has gone through an geographic expedition of different individualities and made a committedness to one.

Moratorium is the position in which the adolescent is presently in a crisis. while researching a assortment of individualities and is ready to do picks but non ready to perpetrate to one. Last is foreclosure which is when the stripling is committed to an individuality but they commit to an individuality because it has been handed to them. These are non phases but instead a procedure to happening an individuality. So how does this phase impact you personality? A adolescent who has answered the inquiry “Who am I? ” . and “Where will I go subsequently in life” . learn fidelity. Fidelity is being loyal to a individual. cause. or belief.

Devotion is besides learned through this phase. Devotion is defined as love. trueness. or enthusiasm for a individual. activity. or cause. You besides become a more societal individual and do good with societal relationships. Those who receive proper encouragement and support when researching will travel on to the following phase with a strong sense of ego and a feeling of independency and control. Being independent is acknowledging you did incorrectly. being able to believe for yourself. you besides learn how to take attention of yourself. We need independence in order to last.

A adolescent learns to be true to themselves. The other result to this is phase. non happening who you are. can do you confused about your function in society. and do you to hold a weak self-pride. You can besides be an insecure person who feels lost in the universe. A individual that has identified diffusion may be described as disorganised. complicated. and slightly unethical. Finding your individuality is a procedure full of anxiousness. but it is really normal for a adolescent to travel through all this problem. A batch of the picks you make at this point in life are influenced by your equals.

This is the clip of age when you get the most peer force per unit area. you begin to arise against your parents. and get down to research your function as a work forces or adult females. I believe the procedure might be different for a female compared to a male. So the intent of happening an individuality is to cognize who you are. what you want in life. and what you want to go. to be an independent person with a strong sense of ego. who knows how to develop societal relationships. Peoples will get down to look at you different when you develop an individuality. and they can handle you more serious. and more like an grownup.


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