English – Much Ado About Nothing Movie Comparisons Essay

Shakespeare, tells us the story of a complex love story between two pairs of lovers. Recently, I had watched two adaptations of this play. One was the original play written by Shakespeare and directed by Barrage. The other adapted by David Nicholls and directed by Brian Percival. The Shakespearean adaptation takes place In the Renaissance era of Measles, Italy. The adaptation by David Nicholls takes place In the modern era, In England. Clearly, the Shakespearean version Is much older, and so It differs from the odder adaptation greatly.

In terms of setting, fearfulness and language, dialect differences can be found. First of all, as the time periods differ, there Is a huge contrast in the setting. In Branch’s version, the setting takes place in Elongates mansion, in Messing, Italy. As the governor of Messing, Leona allows Don Pedro and his soldiers to stay in the mansion to rest after a victorious battle. However, this would be unlikely to happen in the modern era. So, in Percival version, the setting is changed to a local news studio in England. This setting gives a lot of advantages to he characters of the play.

It allows characters in the play to eavesdrop on each other, which acts as a catalyst to other events. Also, it suits the personality of the characters well, especially the brilliant, witty talkers, Beatrice and Benedict. In addition, the setting creates different moods. In Branch’s version, there is a garden, a fountain, and a party hall, which shows how much freedom the characters have. On the contrary, in the other version, as it is a workplace, there is much more stress portrayed. We can see this through the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and electronics.

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Like so, these factors created different atmospheres for the characters in each version, and affected the plot as well. Another difference can be found in the use of language as well as the use of literary devices used. Primarily, in Branch’s version, Elizabethan English is used, and therefore it is harder for the audience to understand the play. Unquestionably, the audience would favor Percival version because it uses modern English. As for the use of literary devices, both versions use different techniques; Especially In the scene when It foreshadows Hero and Claudio operation.

In the original play, Shakespeare uses the characters Broacher, Conrad and Don John to clearly tell the audience that the trio will break the love apart. However, In Percival version, Mr.. Berry Is the one to portray the foreshadowing. “You’ve got liquids, you’ve got electrical equipment. It Is literally an accident waiting to happen. ” This was during a scene In the broadcasting booth, when Mr.. Berry found Don’s bottle of alcohol lying around with the equipment. Therefore, Mr.. Berry’s quote can be translated as that Don would be the one to harm those around him.

Lastly, he most distinct difference between both versions is feminism. As Branch’s version takes place during the Renaissance period, women do not have much power. Women are merely men’s pawns. In the modern version, the women have jobs that are equal difference in feminism, there is a clear change in the plot. Hero and Claudio, who should have got back together and married following the original story, instead go their separate ways. That is because Hero has the right to speak her own opinion.

In the old version, Hero simply gives herself away to Claudio because it is an honor to e the wife of someone who is worthy and noble; despite the fact Claudio was harsh to her. This time, however, Hero rejects Claudio due to his harsh actions during the wedding, saying that she doesn’t want to be seen as a possession. Consequently, Percival was able to fully adapt the old cultural traditions into the modern era, suiting the audience’s opinions, especially that of a woman. Both versions of the play effectively portrayed the comedy.

Barrage was able to clearly show what the play would have been like in the Renaissance period. Instead of changing anything, Barrage stayed with the original plot. But, Percival adaptation was different. Percival adapted the original story to the modern era, and therefore ended up changing the setting, language, plot, and further on. If I were to choose my preference between the two versions, I would select Percival version of the play. Fundamentally, it is much more easier to understand the language. In addition, the use of electronics, cigarettes, alcohol, and other gadgets make the acting seem more interesting.

For example, when Beatrice is overhearing Margaret and Hero’s conversation, she is seen eliding a cigarette, which adds a funny gag to the acting. On top of that, since the women have more authority, and therefore the dialogue seems stimulating. Once, when Claudio was accusing Hero in the original play, I was frustrated as Hero only kept on crying. In the modern version, it was more satisfying because Hero told Claudio to shut up. These small details in the modern adaptation makes the play captivating and amusing, Just like a modern day comedy. Unlike Branch’s version, Percival adaptation is much more than a happy ending.


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